Portuguese Shoes: Designing the Future
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Portuguese Shoes: Designing the Future

Footwear is the most international sector of the Portuguese economy. The Portuguese footwear industry exports over 95% of its total production. Residents of 120 countries have already had the pleasure of meeting her. Naturally, the authorities blow off dust particles from exporters, groom and cherish. In 2010, the Portuguese footwear promo program will gain an international scale; it will be held under the single slogan “Portuguese Shoes. Designed by the Future ”, highlighting the continuous development of the industry.

SR72-Mir_shoe_rynok-apiccaps_2.jpgAlready more than 120 companies have announced plans to participate in international events abroad in the 2010 year. Since 2007, 25 million euros have been invested in a campaign to promote Portuguese shoes abroad. Funding for similar programs by the end of the 2010 year will amount to 17 million euros.

Despite the economic recession, shoe makers feel very good, in 2008, exports grew by 1,8%. The total growth since 2005 of the year was 10,5%.

The footwear sector in Portugal employs 35,8 thousand people. They work in 1381 factories. In 2008, 68 million pairs were produced for a total of 1,4 billion euros. Of these, 1,3 billion euros were received from foreign suppliers. The largest sales markets for Portugal are France (347 million euros), Germany (264 million euros), Holland (159 million euros) and the United Kingdom (128 million euros). Outside Europe, sales are increasing in Angola, Japan and Russia. Russia currently accounts for 1,07% of total Portuguese exports. The amount of purchases in 2008 amounted to 13,8 million euros. The average export price for a pair of shoes increased by 13,3%. This suggests that Portugal is perceived as a supplier of high quality footwear.

The largest share in the total production volume belongs to leather footwear - 88%. The highest dynamics in exports is shown by the price segment above the average. In general, the transition to a higher price segment can be said to be the general strategy of the Portuguese. In terms of categories, the largest share in export orders is female footwear (44,3%, or 601 million euros). Men's and children's footwear accounts for 28,5% and 7%, respectively.

Most of the manufacturers are small and medium-sized enterprises with up to 250 people (in practice, shoe factories employ an average of 26 people). Their competitiveness is determined by flexibility of management and good technological security.

To support the industry, the APICCAPS Association of Portuguese Shoe Companies has developed a program consisting of three main areas: ShoeInnov (technological innovation), ShoeSkills (skill development and human development) and ShoeBizz (business internationalization). Until 2015, this program will be financed by 300 million euros, which is almost 2% of the total turnover of the sector. The Portuguese footwear industry is being renewed both externally and internally. This also changes her ambitions - the unification of tradition, qualifications and innovations becomes defining.

Footwear is the most international sector of the Portuguese economy. The Portuguese footwear industry exports over 95% of its total production. Residents of 120 countries have already had fun ...
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