Book "Techniques and Techniques for Effective Sales"
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Book "Techniques and Techniques for Effective Sales"

In fact, it is better to listen to Petr Ofitserov. But if there is no such pleasant opportunity, you should at least read his book "Techniques and Techniques for Effective Sales". His practical experience of both sales (12 years) and sales management (8 years) is collected and summarized as simply as possible, in a concise form.

We give only two examples of his work with objections.

A typical objection: "You have a narrow range." Possible answer: "Yes, our price list is not 100 pages, but it contains the best models." A typical objection: "We don't want to change the assortment." Possible answer: “Practice shows that regular updating of the assortment helps to retain customers in the store and make them your regular customers. People don't need to go to all the shops around their home, they know that there is always something new in your store. Moreover, this new product is always the best on the market. "

In the same list there is work with other objections:

“We have large balances - we will not place orders”, “We do not have confidence in the stability of your work and assortment”, “We want a big discount”, “We do not want to change suppliers”.

The keywords most suitable for describing this book are “simple” and “practical.”

The book is structured in accordance with the five main stages of sales, and at each stage, a analysis of the main mistakes is made, and here the most logical options are given, whether it concerns discussing the price, conducting a product presentation or signing a contract.

In our opinion, this is one of the best sources telling about how the sales technique turns into art.

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In fact, it is better to listen to Petr Ofitserov. But if there is no such pleasant opportunity, you should at least read his book "Techniques and Techniques for Effective Sales". As simple as possible, in ...
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