Effective savings. Low Budget Sales Tools
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Effective savings. Low Budget Sales Tools

In the overall economic stagflation, an effective measure of cost reduction can be the reallocation of personnel across retail outlets. The shortage of sellers will help to compensate with effective marketing tools. # PERSONA #

Iya Imshinetskaya, an expert in system promotion, a business trainer, gives simple examples of the right marketing policy, which in the absence of budgets will help you to offload the staff and partially compensate for its shortage. Before you start searching for reliable tools and implementing the program, answer your simple questions: “why,” “what,” “how,” and “who will implement it.” The answer to the first question is clear: our task is to unload sellers, but at the same time not to lose the client. What needs to be done for this? Create an interactive communication space with the client. Simple but effective marketing tools will help in the implementation of the plan. The current staff or a marketing consultant can be involved in the task. Clarity? Act!

From store to packaging

Start with simple and obvious changes: with the correct design of the point of sale, that is, the store.

Indicate the price in a conspicuous place.

Remember the popular video of one of the clothing retailers a couple of years ago. In the story, running past the storefront, a famous person suddenly stopped abruptly, looked behind the glass and exclaimed in surprise: “How much how much ?!” Your task is to stop any passerby at the same attractive price, to make you look at the goods displayed in the window. He liked the thing, he saw the price and immediately made a purchase decision before he crossed the storefront. Let your price tag be always in sight.

Introduce the entire product to the buyer.

Another example: the store of fasteners decorated the window with a large poster, on which the entire range of the store was presented - from pliers to screws. The buyer did not need to describe the desired product to the seller for a long time, it was enough to check the picture, place an order and pay for the purchase. Present your assortment as attractively as possible, tell the buyer that you can buy from you not only classic shoes, but also casual shoes, as well as sports shoes. Try to regularly change the display in the window, checking the day of the week or weather conditions. Say, on weekdays it is profitable to present an office assortment, and on weekends - casual shoes or for special occasions.

Zoning store space.

In one store of clothes and shoes for youth, we took the following move - divided the entire collection into themes: clothing for the office, parties, outdoor activities. We placed thematic collections in different areas of the store, “painting” each in specific colors. This helps the buyer quickly determine the direction and not wander for hours between the shelves in the hope of finding the right product.

Provide information on available sizes.

A familiar situation: the seller himself is not aware of the available size line of a particular model. He goes to the back room, searches for something for a long time, then returns empty-handed. The client was set up for the purchase, and, having received a refusal, he is likely to make a second attempt to purchase the goods, but not in your store. If possible, place the entire size line next to the model or indicate the availability of goods next to the price tag.

Equip the goods with a QR code.

So far, this technology is only gaining momentum: polls show that the presence of a special program in a smartphone does not always prompt an ordinary buyer to read a QR code and clarify product information. However, Western experiments demonstrate positive growth dynamics of such a service. So, the American company Verizon through QR codes increased sales by an incredible 200%. Customers in the store were given the opportunity to take part in the action - for this it was necessary to scan a QR code containing information about the action on Facebook and send it to friends. If friends used the sent link and bought some goods in the Verizon store using a mobile phone, the one who sent the code automatically became a contender for winning a smartphone. A QR code placed in a shoe store can give out information about the product - the availability of sizes, a description of the materials from which the shoes are made ...

Teach the buyer to ask the seller only when necessary. How often do you yourself when asked by the seller: “Can I help you with something?” Irritably threw: “Thanks, no”? As a rule, indefinite pronouns predominate in matters of super-amicable sellers, since they themselves do not know how they can help you. Their obsessive behavior can "squeeze" the buyer out of the store. With one of the clothing retailers, we have introduced an interesting experimental program. At the entrance, buyers take one of the stickers: green means "I need help from the seller," yellow - "I will ask if there is a need, but I can handle it myself." As the first month of the campaign’s work showed, there are only one independent buyers at 5, which cannot be made without the help of the seller. The numbers speak for themselves: you have a real opportunity to reduce the staff of sellers and the item of expenses for their training.

Help the buyer make a choice before they visit your store. This can be done, in particular, by landing on the website of a virtual consultant. ... “It’s too late in the store” - many retailers are building an interaction with a client on this principle today. The buyer receives information about the product long before coming to the store. Trading networks are actively present on the Internet, social networks, generate activity, conduct unusual interactive promotions, etc. Open online consultations on your website. Moreover, the more unusual the person of the consultant will be, the higher the interest in him, and therefore your product. For example, the consultant Nahum Modny will help you choose a pair of shoes, tell customers about the latest trends in fashion, and advise with which outfit to combine a particular model.

Designate specific positions.

Communicate with the client at all levels: use all the trading equipment to present the goods. Develop a navigation system, communicate some useful, positive, motivating information: “Bestseller”, “Model of the year” ... Use various POS-materials to attract customer interest in the product.

Make objects speak. To a pair of shoes you can attach the information “I’m shoes for out-of-town walks”, “I’m shoes for those who spend all day on their feet”, etc.

Iya Imshinetskaya Iya Imshinetskaya - Candidate of Philology, expert-technologist for systemic promotion, author of 10 books on promotion and advertising. More than 230 developed and successfully implemented promotion projects in 44 cities of Russia and the CIS. Work experience 20 years. iyapro@gmail.com www.iyapro.ru

This article was published in the 119 issue of the print version of the magazine.

In general economic stagflation, an effective measure of cost reduction may be the redistribution of personnel at retail outlets. Lack of sellers will help offset effective marketing ...
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