7 rules of promotion in social networks
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7 rules of promotion in social networks

Facebook and Instagram are two social networks that are the main platforms for promoting fashion brands and products today. Where to start and how to evaluate the effectiveness of an advertising campaign in social networks, - experts at Socialist Media share.

Mikhail Polyakov Mikhail Polyakov - Head of performance projects at Socialist Media. Socialist Media is a media company that has exclusive rights to place integrated ads on open platforms. Her field of activity includes three key areas - native advertising, performance projects, integration into games and applications. Part of the Socialist Group.
Natalia Korotkaya Natalia Korotkaya - Development Manager Socialist Media.

1. Use Facebook and Instagram!

Instagram is currently the most effective platform, the capabilities of which allow you to actively increase sales in the fashion segment. This social network is perfect for promoting the brand itself and presenting new products, interesting models, and for the sale itself.

Targeted Facebook ads of the lead generation format have also proven themselves to be excellent marketing tools. It allows you to attract the attention of users, according to their preferences, in the case of shoe advertising - according to the style that they choose and the price range that interests them. Facebook can also be used for brand image support, since with this tool you can select a specific audience of users interesting for the brand, identifying potential customers by their behavior on the social network.

2. Show the goods face!

Honesty and openness are the key to success. Everyone knows how difficult it is to gain the trust of a client, and how easy it is to lose it. When creating ads / posts, it is advisable to use original photos of the goods. Users should immediately see what they are buying so that the consumer is not disappointed upon the delivery of the goods.

Instagram often "compresses" the quality of photos, which makes it difficult to present a new shoe model in all its glory. However, now a multi-post function has appeared on this social network, thanks to which you can post several photos in one publication. This means that the same model can be shown from different angles.

For example, you can demonstrate individual details of shoes in an enlarged format, and complete the photo selection with some general image photo, which will contain a pair of shoes or sneakers that you want to advertise. Thus, you can act not only with photos, but also with video.

There is one controversial point - to write or not to write prices in the publication.
On the one hand, the lack of price increases user engagement and gives feedback - they ask questions in the comments and send personal messages. On the other hand, users immediately understand what and what price they are offered, and this can become an incentive to impulse purchase (provided that the price corresponds to the capabilities of the buyer). Therefore, there is no single recipe in this case, you need to try different formats and study your audience.

3. Write briefly, but informatively!

You should use a call to action in your texts. Indicate the availability of sizes, tell about discounts or special conditions (if any). The text itself should be as laconic as possible.

4. Post at least five times a week!

According to studies conducted by Forrester analytical agency, the optimal frequency of posting on Instagram is - 5 times a week.
This frequency was revealed by the agency on the basis of analysis of the profiles and audiences of TOP-50 international brands with a presence on Instagram.

5. Send customers immediately to the site!

The number of followers of brand communities on social networks is far from equal to the number of potential buyers, unlike users who have looked at your online store. The chance that visitors to your site will choose something for themselves from your range is much higher than that the buyers will be subscribers to your brand’s page on one of the social networks. Therefore, when distributing the advertising budget between attracting subscribers to brand communities in social networks and attracting an audience to an online store, we recommend focusing on the second task.

It is also worth paying attention to the creation of convenient navigation in the online store so that the user can order goods as simply as possible. The application form should not consist of a large number of fields, just Name and phone or Name and E-mail are enough.

6. Analyze the statistics!

It is important that a counter is installed on the site (Yandex-metric, Google Analytics) and clearly defined goals are what you want to achieve. You should quickly test how these or other tools work and monitor the conversion.

7. Promotion budget is determined during tests

The cost of promotion or the purchase price depends on many factors - the usability of the site, the quality of the content, the choice of the social network and the targeting tool (that is, the choice of the target audience) Therefore, it is difficult to determine the necessary budget for promotion at the start.

At the start of the project, it is necessary to conduct as many tests as possible in order to identify the most effective combination of all factors. It is testing that allows you to determine the cost of switching to a website, the cost of an application, the cost of a purchase, etc. This information will give an understanding of the profitability of the advertising campaign and will help you decide on its extension or termination.

What kind of budget it makes sense to spend on a test and on continuous promotion is not an idle question. As part of the launch of the test campaign, the optimal budget is 70-100 thousand rubles. Further, you can “play” with volumes within the framework of 50-100 thousand, increasing spending on promotion depending on the season / release of collections / goals of the advertising campaign. When you see the effect after using certain combinations of tools, you can safely scale and increase budgets.

Do not forget - constant support is necessary and important, but it is also important to constantly try new things - to follow the formats and development of social networks, algorithms for issuing publications, and the emergence of new ways of promotion.

Big sales to you!

Facebook and Instagram are two social networks that are today the main platforms for promoting fashion brands and products. Where to start and how to evaluate the effectiveness of an advertising campaign in ...
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