Aromatherapy for commerce
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Aromatherapy for commerce

It has been proved that aromamarketing is an effective tool not only for increasing sales, but also for increasing customer loyalty, reducing complaints, and increasing efficiency - among sellers. What aromas will most successfully sound in shoe stores?

The experience of retailers shows that the sale of shoes, bags, leather goods activate sandalwood, vetiver, sequoia. Tart notes create a relaxed atmosphere in which the client feels comfort and self-importance. In the stores of men's shoes, aromas of oak, leather and gourmet tobacco will be able to induce expensive purchases.

In huge shopping centers, which are often physically exhausted, the smell of vanilla, lavender, basil, peppermint, lemon will help invigorate the buyer. The aromas of lavender, chamomile, lemon and sandalwood relieve stress faster than many antidepressants. Peppermint, jasmine and cloves invigorate better than freshly brewed coffee.

Also, after numerous experiments, scientists found that if the room smells of lavender, the staff makes 20% less mistakes. Jasmine fragrance reduces errors by 30%. And if it smells like lemon, the number of errors is reduced by 50%.

When choosing a smell, the age of the target audience should be taken into account. For example, young and energetic shoppers like the aroma of coconut oil, while older people respond better to the smell of lavender in the air.

Some brands create signature flavors, giving a “third dimension” to their products. For example, the Russian brand of leather products NiM design is experimenting with aroma oils. Each item has a unique smell, expressing the idea of ​​female personality and the spirit of wanderings and adventures, which is embedded in the DNA of the NiM design brand.

It has been proven that aromamarketing is an effective tool not only to increase sales, but also to increase visitor loyalty, reduce complaints, and increase efficiency - in ...
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