The state will support manufacturers of children's goods
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The state will support manufacturers of children's goods

Оthe volume of the domestic market for children's goods in 2014 amounted to 513 billion rubles, an increase of 5,9% compared to the year 2013 (485 billion rubles). Obviously, growth slowed down, since, starting from the 2011 of the year, volumes increased annually by approximately 10%. Such data was announced by the president of the Association of enterprises for the industry of children's goods (AIDT) Antonina Tsitsulina at a government meeting on the situation with the production of goods for children in Russia, which was held in June by Deputy Prime Minister Arkady Dvorkovich.

AIDT experts prepared a report "On the results of the implementation of the Strategy for the Development of the Children's Goods Industry until 2020 in 2014 and the Action Plan for its Implementation for 2016 - 2018". Among the new initiatives proposed by the Industry Support Association, the possibility of allocating subsidies to Russian organizations to compensate for part of the cost of paying interest under a financing agreement against the assignment of a monetary claim (so-called factoring) is being considered. The Association, together with the Ministry of Industry and Trade of Russia and the Ministry of Economic Development of Russia, will work on this issue, and the results of the work will then be presented to the government.

The Association also proposed to include in government support measures subsidizing the costs of purchasing raw materials for the production of goods for children. For Russian manufacturers of children's goods, it is recommended to develop quotas for polymer raw materials, carry out zeroing of import customs rates and introduce export duties. Another important initiative is the inclusion of standards for children's products in the development of national standards for 2016.

Recall that in April 2014, the Russian government approved the state program “Development of Industry and Increasing its Competitiveness”, within the framework of which the subprogram “Industry of Children's Products” will be implemented. According to Rosstat data for the 2012 year, which are given in the "Strategy for the development of the children's goods industry until the 2020 year", adopted by the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation in the summer of 2013, the share of domestic production in the market for children's goods was, on average, 16,7% for the segment of children's clothing, 10,7% - for the segment of children's shoes, 10% - for the segment of children's cosmetics and hygiene, 37,9% - in the segment of baby food and 18,2% - in the segment of toys and games. According to the estimates of large retailers, now Russian-made children’s products as a whole occupy about 20-25% of the market, with the largest share being in the segment of goods for newborns - about 35%. 

The volume of the domestic market for children's goods in 2014 amounted to 513 billion rubles, an increase of 5,9% compared to 2013 (485 billion rubles). Obviously, growth has slowed down, so ...
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