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Sales Name

Almost any advertiser will tell you that there are trademarks that are particularly difficult to promote. For example, they include various abbreviations, which usually do not cause any associations and therefore are very difficult to remember. However, the most successful shoe brands are abbreviations.

The name of the Russian shoe brand "Econika" consists of two parts: "eco" - from "economy", and "Nika" - from the name of the goddess of victory in Greek mythology. By the way, the goddess is popular because the name of the Nike brand is also her name, only in English, and, by the way, it reads like "Nike", and not like "Nike". Italian brand name Geox arose from a combination of two words: "Geo"(In Greek" earth ") and"Х»- a letter symbolizing innovation in production technologies. In 1948, brothers Adi and Rudolf Dassler, who have been making sports shoes since 1927, decide that they must separate their paths, and Rudolph founds Puma. Adi's company gets the name adidas, short for Adi Dassler. In Russian practice, a similar approach was used by one of the Rostov companies: "Yros" means "Yuri Rostovtsev". The Novosibirsk chain Rossita has another compound name, the first syllables of the words “Russia” and “Italy” are used for it, the name emphasizes the stability of trade and economic ties between the two countries.

Often the name is tied to geography.

Carnaby street - London street, a meeting place for fashionable youth in the 80's, where the stores of the most fashionable and avant-garde British designers are located. Corso Como - Milan street on the outskirts of the city, which became a place of pilgrimage for fashionistas after the editor of the Italian magazine Elle opened its stores there.

Mediated communication - naming the brand as the place where the entire glamorous party gathers, companies emphasize the increased fashionability of shoes. Rostov residents made it easier - the street in Rostov-on-Don, where the manufacturer’s office is located, is called the “9 line”, respectively, the brand name sounds like “Nine Lines”.

To indicate the working origin of shoes, a British company used the name as a name, meaning "knives of a multi-machine, which cut the breed in the sinking." So there appeared Grinders. To enhance the effect in the logo used trolley.

To emphasize the increased concern for the health of the buyer, elements of medical terms are introduced into the name. So, Dr. Martens is the real Dr. Martens, who invented the air cushion inside the sole, which absorbs blows to the ground. A similar approach was used by the German brand Dr. Mauch.

To create the image of youth shoes with avant-garde design, the Portuguese company used the word "Swear" (from the English. "Swear, swear"). The owners believe that the name is the best suited for teenage rebels, burning with a desire to violate all the canons of fashion, graphics, culture and society as a whole. In Russia, the “prickly” teenage character is best matched by the name of the Cactus shoe brand.

Sometimes the name arises purely situationally, but this does not become less successful. So, the history of Hush Puppies has its roots in America, where the shoemaker, visiting one of his clients, saw puppies of the Basset Hound breed. They ran around the house all night and barked. Puppies prevented communication with the guest, and the owner shouted at them "Hush, puppies!" - "Hush, puppies." The cobbler liked the puppies so much that he named his brand, and the basset hounds became the “face” of the brand.

Diesel owes its name to the oil crisis that hit Europe in the mid-70's: economical fuel seemed to be the solution to the problem, and the word itself became a synonym for avant-garde.

Some companies are so generous that they allow their fans to tell several legends about the name at once.

For example, the word LLOYD at the end of the XVII century. has become synonymous with the international nature of trade. Originally Celtic in origin, it came into circulation thanks to the owner of a London coffee shop, Edward Lloyd. It was in his coffee house that the insurers and merchants-shipowners gathered to discuss their business. The owner of the coffee shop was aware of all sea trading affairs and helped his visitors by issuing his own LLOYD list newspaper, which can be considered one of the oldest newspapers in the world.

Another version of the origin of this name is also associated with the courts and insurance. Lloyd was called the cork ball, on which all the data about the ship was applied. In the event that the ship crashed, it was on this ball that the insurance company paid the money.

And the name of the Italian brand Diadora actually comes from Greek and actually means "from Zadar", as the city of Dolmatin was called in ancient Greece. This expression reappeared in Italy at the beginning of the 20th century. in the name of a historic sports society that won a bronze medal at the Paris Olympics in 1924. In Greek, the word “Diadora” had another meaning - “through gifts”, “distribute gifts and honors”, “form the concept of a team in a rivalry”, “competition in which teammates and opponents are respected”. These are the fundamental principles behind the Diadora brand.

The name JMWESTON, which was renamed in 1927, owes its name to the trip of the owner Ezhen Blanchard to the USA. In Weston, the experience and technology of Goodyear footwear were acquired, which are still the hallmark of JM Weston. The origin of the initials (according to legend) "JM" is a recognition of a young Frenchman's love for his work. The letters JM are pronounced in French as "J'aime" - "I love". JM WESTON means "I love Weston" in French.

Another question is that ordinary buyers do not always think about (or remember) the meaning of names. Editorial express poll “Do you know what the name means? ..” ended with an exclamation: “Am I solving crosswords or buying shoes?”

It turns out that if the company does not support the "legend" and does not repeat it from time to time, then for buyers the connection between the name and positioning ceases to be obvious.

Brand Name Interpretations

Yellow Cab - yellow cab.

Reebok is a swift African gazelle.

Picolinos - from the Italian piccolo, which means "small".

Ralf Ringer - Ralf - a resounding male name that evokes associations with European, primarily German, shoes, and then Ringer - translated from German - “wrestler, boxer”, which adds masculinity to the image.

Noel is Christmas.

Zatik - ladybug.

Ergo is both logical and practical.

Mascotte - Mascot

Mattino - morning.

Boreal - North.

Marketing Director of the shoe market chain Econika Irina Chechel:

- Can you imagine a perfume called "Petrol Paradise"? And how would you react to the line of modern fashionable clothes called "Vatnik & Lapti"? I cite these examples of things that are absolutely incompatible in their essence in order to emphasize how important the connection between the name of the product and its positioning, the perception of the audience. EKONIKA has always paid much attention not only to the quality of products, but also to the name under which it is presented on the network.

Each of our trademarks has its own characteristics, which we try to emphasize and highlight for customers in the process of marketing communications. Thus, TM Alla Pugachova is a brand for strong, self-confident modern women who follow fashion trends and choose a high standard of living. The Parmen men's brand is a comfortable classic that allows you to feel comfortable in any situation. Finally, TM De'Marche, on the other hand, challenges the classics, combining the incongruous and offering bold and original design solutions. Our new brand, which will be released next spring, is named RiaRosa, which embodies the key features of this line - lightness, femininity and stylish sophistication. In communications with clients, we, as a rule, do not place a special emphasis on the name of a particular brand, representing the EKONIKA brand as a whole. However, when you pick up a pair you like and, seeing the brand name, catch the subtle associations that we wanted to put into this name, then we know that we have achieved our goal!

Leading specialist of Fashion Consulting Group Galina Kravchenko:

- The specifics of shoe naming is, first of all, the need to apply a logo on the product itself. And here you need to consider the methods of application: this is embossing on the leather of the top, and the logo on the insole, and on the tongue of the zipper, and on the lining. That is, the name-logo becomes an element of the design of the model.

With this approach, it’s not enough just to choose a beautiful and high-profile name. It is also necessary to correlate its image and size with the possibility of applying to the entire assortment range.

In shoes, the key to the success of a brand is quality, i.e., wear and comfort. Historically, in Russia, the best boots are imported. First, the era of scarcity, then the 90's crisis and active imports created in the minds of buyers a certain image of quality associated with the producing country.

Priority is still Italy and Germany. So it turns out that when a consumer hears a foreign language name, he already considers the shoes to be of high quality: with Italian sound - also fashionable, with German - comfortable and comfortable.

That is why foreign names are mainly used on the Russian footwear market. First of all, the lack of a positive mass image of the Russian footwear industry and the negative experience of buyers of cheap low-quality footwear from China hinder the promotion of brands of Russian manufacturers. Any name can make advertising budgets memorable. The more times the advertisement communicates with the consumer, the more famous the brand will become. But! In the fashion business, the war of advertising budgets is less relevant than in FCMG. And boots, even if they “sound” popular, but are tight, will not attract a buyer. But if they were bought !!! Every day, your brand will be not only on your feet, but also in your head.

Almost any advertiser will tell you that there are trademarks that are particularly difficult to promote. These include, for example, a variety of abbreviations that usually do not cause any associations ...
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