Seductive smell of shopping
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Seductive smell of shopping

About the intricacies of aroma marketing

Recent research data suggests that factors are becoming increasingly important to consumers, which until recently had not been given much importance. For example, a pleasant atmosphere in the store. Feeling of comfort and coziness, thoughtful interior, warm colors, muffled music, delicate, sophisticated aromas help to relax the buyer and give him the opportunity to think about the choice of goods offered. We understand the intricacies of aromarketing - an innovative marketing tool that, according to experts, can increase the store’s profit to 30-40%. About how to make air bring you money, says our expert - business coach, CEO and founder of Clever-Fashion, Maria Gerasimenko.

Working in conditions of high competition of the modern fashion market, retailers are in constant search of answers to important questions for themselves:

  • How to attract and retain a buyer?
  • How to increase sales efficiency?
  • how to build up and stand out from the competition?
  • what methods to use for this?

Today, the arsenal of stores has less and less effective traditional methods to increase sales. The future lies in effective, unobtrusive ways of influencing the choice of the buyer, in particular, in creating a comfortable and cozy atmosphere conducive to shopping. One of the effective directions that is gaining popularity is aromatherapy, a technology for creating a special psychological atmosphere in a store and, as a result, stimulating a customer to shop through a delicate aroma in the air.

Neither hide from smells nor hide

According to the studies of specialists, an ordinary person is able to distinguish up to 16-17 thousands of shades of smells. The sense of smell is an important system of perception of the surrounding world, and the idea of ​​influencing consumer motivation through it is a rather effective method. After all, the client cannot disconnect this feeling arbitrarily, at will, as he can, for example, turn his back on the visual stimulus or stop listening to music in the store, wearing headphones.
The pioneer of aroma marketing was a sports shoe manufacturer. The experiment, in which two absolutely identical pairs of Nike sneakers were placed in identical rooms, one of which was scented with a fresh floral scent, showed that 84% of buyers chose shoes from the scented room. At the same time, the amount in which they valued these shoes was, on average, 10,33 $ higher than their real value.

Fragrances of fresh leather and woody notes - the best for a shoe store

Fragrance, as a necessary component of the customer’s general idea of ​​the brand, plays a fundamental role in shaping the desire to visit the store and making decisions about purchasing goods. If the buyer feels comfortable, then he makes purchases with pleasure, without thinking especially about their cost. Therefore, it is necessary to seriously and competently approach the selection of a unique fragrance for the presentation of your product. It is important to consider the target audience that your store is focused on, the price segment, and the specifics of the enterprise. Entering the trading floor, the client should feel comfortable in contact with the product, experience positive emotions when thinking about buying. In a shoe and leather goods store, smells of fresh leather and subtle notes of amber will be quite appropriate - this will create an impression of exclusivity and emphasize the status of the product. For the sale of premium, expensive goods woody aromas are more suitable, but here you must take into account the correspondence of the smell to the general concept of positioning your brand.

The main thing is not to overdo it

If you are planning to introduce aromatherapy marketing tools in your business, you should be aware that by no means in all cases the use of odors can have an equally beneficial effect on sales. People are sensitive to them to different degrees, and each has its own perception threshold. The fact that for one person it is a pleasant, delicate aroma, for another it will be a bright, intrusive smell, causing a desire to quickly leave the store. It should also be borne in mind that the preference for odors is not innate, but is formed depending on the context of the environment.
Like any other technology of influence on the market of advertising and marketing, aromamarketing requires accuracy and accuracy in use. You can not get too carried away by the impact on the client - any strong smell, even if it is pleasant enough in itself, will only frighten away the buyer. Also, do not draw direct parallels of the object with the aroma - the basis of aromatic marketing in creating a common atmosphere, it lies at the level of associations.

Only a professional approach

The science of combining odors is complex, data on the effect of aroma on a person is updated every year - only professionals follow the latest and have all the information necessary to create high-quality aromatic accompaniment. When flavoring the trading floor, it is important to consider that very different visitors will come here, and they all need to be motivated to buy. Saturation of the smell and type of equipment, the entire accompanying line of business accessories and souvenirs based on the individual flavor of the brand - all this matters for the formation of the overall image of the store or chain.
Aromamarketing is a relatively inexpensive pleasure compared to other technologies in the advertising and marketing market. Major financial investments are lump sum - this is the purchase of equipment that will be installed in the store. Further costs will be required only for the purchase of additional cartridges with aroma fluid.

Recent research data suggests that factors are becoming increasingly important to consumers, which until recently had not been given much importance. For example, a pleasant atmosphere in ...
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