All flags to visit. Euro Shoes organizers record the return of European brands to Russia
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All flags to visit. Euro Shoes organizers record the return of European brands to Russia

One of the main news of the upcoming Euro Shoes Premiere Collection exhibition will be a significant increase in exhibitors from Turkey. In the hope of a revitalization of demand, European companies will return to the Russian market again, ”says Anastasia Kornilyeva, director of the Euro Shoes Premiere Collection exhibition.

Anastasia Kornilieva Anastasia Kornilieva - Director of Euro Shoes Premiere Collection

International Exhibition of Shoes Euro Shoes Premiere Collection will be held in Moscow at Sokolniki Exhibition and Convention Center from February 26 to March 1. The exhibition will be About 500 brands of women's, men's and children's shoes from European manufacturers are represented. Brands will offer the collections of the fall-winter season 2018 / 19.

Shoes Report: Anastasia, according to statistics from European analysts, from the beginning of 2017, a resumption of growth in import supplies of shoes to Russia has been noted. Have you felt the revival of interest of foreign brands in the Russian market? What new brands, from which countries will we see at the February Euro Shoes exhibition?

Anastasia Kornilieva:  Yes, there is such a tendency. Interest in the exhibition, in fact, is quite high. There are many inquiries from European, American, Turkish companies. There are those who have missed the last few seasons of Euro Shoes, this year decided to return, among them are foreign Boxer, Mia Donna, Grisport, Beppy, Polking, Manas, Khrio, Satorisan and Russian Vitacci (brand Basconi), Franco.

At the Euro Shoes Premiere Collection in February, we will see many new brands such as: Pitilos, OOG Generation, Run Lifewear, Nordikas, Caterpillar, Skechers, Steve Madden, Viadelle Ville, Dolomite, Rylko, Manz, Divino, Ortopedia, La Biali, URRAA , Fjolla Shoes, brands of manufacturers' association from Izmir and others.

Of course, our regular exhibitors will also be present at the upcoming exhibition - Rieker, Tamaris, Caprice, Högl, Jana Shoes, S'Oliver, Marc, Josef Seibel, Semler, Ermak, Marco Tozzi, Pikolinos.

Apparently, there will be many exhibitors from Turkey at the upcoming exhibition, what is the reason for this? How many Turkish companies will participate in the exhibition?

The next exhibition will be attended by about 35 companies from Turkey. The interest of Turkish shoe companies in the Russian market has always been high. Unfortunately, political and economic circumstances have been a certain barrier to the active participation of Turkish companies in the exhibition in recent years. To date, relations between Russia and Turkey have stabilized, and now nothing prevents the development of trade and economic ties between the two countries.

Naturally, as soon as the opportunity presented itself, shoe manufacturers from Turkey chose one of the most professional Russian exhibition venues for their debut in Russia - Euro Shoes Premiere Collection.

Is there any planned separate space for Turkish brands, some special presentation of Turkish exhibitors at Euro Shoes?

There will be no separate space at the February exhibition as such. However, the collective booth of manufacturers from Izmir will be located in the 4.1 pavilion.

What are the options for promoting your brand at the exhibition today offered by the organizers of the Euro Shoes Premiere Collection?

We offer a fairly wide range of advertising opportunities that allow brands to clearly express themselves at the exhibition. Exhibitors can place their advertisements on various media (on branded exhibition packages, on hanging banners placed in the exhibition space, and use various advertising structures). Companies can also write about themselves on the exhibition website, advertise in the exhibition catalog, in the specialized media - the Shoes Report magazine, on the information portal, which are the general information sponsors of the Euro Shoes Premiere Collection.

Buyers come to write orders for Euro Shoes from all over the country and from abroad, what services do the exhibition organizers offer their visitors (in terms of logistics, food, information support)?

As usual, a free shuttle service is provided for visitors to the Euro Shoes exhibition - buses run from Sokolniki metro to the exhibition pavilion of Sokolniki Exhibition Center 4 and 4.1 and vice versa. It is worth noting that due to road works in the immediate vicinity of the exit from the metro, exhibition buses will park a little further from the metro station than before, closer to the church. Several cafes with relatively low prices will work at the exhibition. There will definitely be a wardrobe and a relaxation area.

One of the main news of the upcoming Euro Shoes Premiere Collection exhibition will be a significant increase in exhibitors from ...
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