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Business idea: shoes

When it comes to shoes, most women lose their heads and count money. But not many can afford financial recklessness, and the Puerto Rican Sandrisabel Ortiz found a solution for them. She invented Heel Condoms shoe jewelery, which attracted attention not only with its provocative name, but also with the ability to update her favorite shoes every day.

After graduating from the University of Puerto Rico with a degree in business administration, Sandrizabel began working in a large financial company that works with risky assets. Once, the thought came to the head of this young and active girl: “We dress up ourselves, so why not dress up shoes too?” So the idea of ​​“protection for heels” was born - Heel Condoms, which brought its author a victory in the prestigious competition of business projects and a prize of $ 50 000 for development. Sandrizabel added social significance to her work, attracting female prison workers to make Heel Condoms.

Ortiz immediately came up with two options for "clothes for heels." The first type of Heel Condom is two stitched elements of elastic fabric. The lower, long and narrow part is pulled over the heel, and the upper, decorated with feathers, flowers or spikes, is on the heel. The whole structure is fixed around the lower leg with an elastic band or ribbons. The second type of Heel Condom consists of fabric, elastic and ribbons. The elastic clings to the heel, the fabric part is put on the heel, and the ribbons fix the decoration on the foot and perform a decorative function.

Women who adore shoes took the idea of ​​“shoe clothes” with enthusiasm. Heel Condoms are indispensable for traveling: instead of five pairs of shoes, you can take one basic one and, day after day, put on different jewelry on them, change the look of the shoes. Today - a passionate red bow, tomorrow - delicate green ribbons. In addition, Heel Condoms are designed to extend the life of the shoes and save on the purchase of new shoes, because now a scratch on the heel is no reason to hide the whole pair in the far corner of the closet. Finally, Heel Condoms are indispensable for working women: if you put on a bright pink flower on modest office shoes, they immediately turn into perfect shoes for the party. Jewelry can be worn even with ballet shoes or platform shoes.

Heel Condoms are sold not only in Puerto Rico, but also in the USA, Canada, Venezuela, Ecuador, Ireland, Great Britain, Italy, Japan, India and, of course, on the Internet. As usual, innovation has not yet reached Russia. On his website Sandrisabel Ortiz offers to become a distributor of unusual shoe decorations. The minimum purchase amount is 50 units, the market price of jewelry ranges from 10 to 40 dollars. Judging by the popularity on blogs and Instagram, Heel Condoms can be a good companion product in a store of fashionable youth shoes.

When it comes to shoes, most women lose their heads and count money. But not many can afford financial recklessness, and the Puerto Rican Sandrisabel Ortiz found a solution for them. ...
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