Lighting solutions for the future
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Lighting solutions for the future

Recently, the Light + Building exhibition was held in Frankfurt am Main, which showed light retail solutions for the future. The traditional idea of ​​lighting as a way to provide visibility in the store is replaced by the realization that light is an effective means of increasing sales and a necessary component of the concept of a “smart” store.

The emergence of “smart” retail space is the result of several factors: the gradual transition of global retailers to LED light sources, the introduction of integrated lighting systems, connected lighting, and the spread of the concept of the Internet of Things. All this made it possible to combine lighting innovations with mobile control, control the light and get the maximum benefit from its competent use.

For example, the Indoor Positioning LED system shows the customer’s position on the store’s map and allows the customer to receive information on the location of the desired products or discounts on the smartphone.

The Dynamic Shop Window LED solution is designed for shop windows and facades. Programmed lighting scenarios are designed to replace traditional merchandising. Studies show that shimmering, sparkling, “moving” light attracts 11% more views to the storefront and forces more than 19% of people to enter.

No one likes retail space overloaded with unnecessary interior details, including lighting fixtures. In order to get rid of the “visual” noise and focus buyers on the product, the Philips OneSpace LED solution was developed, which is an LED panel that emits high-quality uniform light, close to natural daylight. A flat panel replaces ceiling lights, thereby freeing up space above your head and not allowing you to see the light source, but only "feel" it. This innovative canvas will help to realize any design plan, and soundproofing will allow customers to relax and spend more time in the store. Thanks to high-quality non-reflective lighting, people will be able to see goods in the best light and see the color and texture of things.

In the store of the future, carpet will become a new means of communication. Thanks to the built-in LEDs and the possibility of programming content, the Luminous Carpet carpet combines the function of a navigator and an informative display. He is able to help with finding the right product, going to the checkout, or he can simply greet or say goodbye to customers. Various colors, shapes and sizes of carpet allow you to use it in the interior of a variety of stores.

In addition to increasing profits from increasing customer traffic, integrated LED lighting systems will help store owners optimize costs thanks to 70% energy efficiency, reduce operating and maintenance costs, and remotely control brightness, color, lighting on time and highlight product groups.

Recently, the Light + Building exhibition was held in Frankfurt am Main, which showed retail lighting solutions ...
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