How to form a star team to work on the trading floor
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How to form a star team to work on the trading floor

Team building is the stage of work that causes problems for virtually all entrepreneurs, despite the genius and perspective of their business ideas. It depends on the people you hired, how customers will see your product. Trading companies are very interested in talented specialists who can sell goods in an era of fierce competition, where thousands of brands compete with each other, and the buyer can not only buy whatever he wants, but also become a seller on numerous Internet resources.

Anya Pabst Anya Pabst - Head of the Russian branch of BEITRAINING. Master of Sociology and Slavic Studies. Education "HR Manager", is a specialist in the field of crisis communication. He has experience working with people in study groups of various profiles both in Germany and abroad. Over the years, Anya Pabst has trained over 150 trainers. For more than 7 years her professional activity has been associated with work in the CIS countries - Russia, Kazakhstan and Ukraine. BEITRAINING is an international franchise company and a certified strategic partner of the German and Austrian Franchising Union on the topic of “Professional Development”. He specializes in training and professional development in the field of management, trade, customer service and personal growth.

Look for the light in your eyes

A true professional knows how to emphasize the competitive advantages of the product he sells, present the product in the best light and masterfully overcome all obstacles. Look for people who know how to work with a twinkle in their eyes - trading is merciless to those who can not cope with stress and failure, and loves those who know how to show activity and initiative. Qualifications and work experience are important, but not decisive factors - pay attention not only to knowledge, but to personal qualities of candidates.

Adaptability is an important quality of a professional seller. This will depend on whether he can adapt to your corporate rules and standards, or sabotage them, having forever acquired the norms of the previous employer.

Search for staff constantly and patiently.

Problems with the search for personnel will be eternal, if you do not turn hiring into an ongoing process, with its resources and backup solutions. Any search from time to time inevitably leads to difficulties with the staff. Hiring is an ongoing, ongoing process that requires development and training.

Hiring is a very time-consuming process, requiring great time and emotional costs from the employer. You need to be prepared for the fact that out of twenty candidates, only one is perfect for you. Unfortunately, for this you will have to talk with all the candidates, but you can make your life easier at the stage of selecting a resume. Are you looking for a young man or a girl from the age of 20 to 30 years old or a specialist who is already well over forty? The answer to this question does not depend on personal preferences, but on the assortment of your store.

Often the target audience for which the product is designed seems somewhat blurry, especially for multi-brand stores. Therefore, it is important to remember, for example, that young buyers are more likely to listen to their peers, and people aged are reluctant to accept the advice of the young. In such cases, the question of the age and gender of the candidates is decided at the stage of selecting a resume, after which you can proceed to the most time-consuming stage - an interview.

Interview tactics: how to see a princess in a frog, and a beautiful swan in an ugly duckling

Before you start looking for the perfect seller, you should decide for yourself what is most valuable and important for you as a candidate. This is determined by the specifics of your business. Short sales in the middle segment and a large flow of customers in a busy outlet require energy, stress resistance and perseverance, without which the seller can not provide a high level of service. Complicated sales in the luxury segment, when it comes to piece, expensive goods, require from the seller not only self-confidence and sociability (without intrusiveness), but also tact, flexibility of thinking, sensitivity and the ability to give oneself well.

Knowledge in the field of sales and customer service is necessary for a good seller, but without a set of personal qualities that make this knowledge applicable in practice, he will never be the best. Therefore, at the interview you need to distract from the lines in the resume and make a choice not only in knowledge, but also in personal qualities. Otherwise, you may encounter the fact that an employee who is perfectly knowledgeable in sales issues will show virtually zero results.

Of course, all successful sellers have common qualities: first of all, this is self-confidence, positivity, sociability, the ability to show oneself competent and open to everything new and interesting. Perhaps one of the main qualities is the ability and motivation to work, realizing its usefulness. To understand whether a candidate has such qualities, one needs to pay attention to how he communicates with his interlocutors, does he have a first impression of communicating with him? Is there a feeling of aggressiveness, irritation that accompanies “aggressive” sales?

If you choose between the ability to make a person listen to a story about a product, even if he is not interested in buying, and the ability to listen, the second is definitely more useful. It’s easy to identify: tell the candidate about the company and observe how interested the person is in your words. If you hear clarifying questions, if you were not interrupted, if you nodded in response to your words, the candidate is able to demonstrate his interest.

Among the communicative skills of a candidate for “ideal” sellers, the talent of persuasion is important, in a broader sense, the ability to influence others. This can manifest itself already in the way a person behaves during an interview: how he presents himself, whether he is ready for clarifying questions, and even in how punctual he was. All this will be important when he will have to impress the buyer.

The desire to work in a team is another indisputable plus of a successful candidate. Ask him to give an example when he was a participant in a project and, importantly, recall the case when he had to help colleagues. A more abstract but surefire way is to ask how he spends his free time: alone with himself (with a fishing rod on the lake or listening to classics) or chatting with people (collective sports, picnics with friends). Make a choice in favor of a person focused on team activity.

Friendliness and responsiveness are important qualities in the service, because the customer’s response largely depends on whether the seller evokes his sympathy. Simulated friendliness is also seen very quickly and only exacerbates the situation. At the interview, ask the candidate to talk about what claims from the client he encountered and how he resolved this situation. Or ask a hypothetical question: a customer complains about shoes that have become unusable a week after the end of the warranty period, how will you respond?

By the way, observation from the side will show the positive and negative sides of the candidate better than direct communication. Often the manner of communication at the interview as a whole coincides with the manner of communicating with clients. “Star” sellers who seem to have been born for a service that they dream of hiring and retaining at any retail enterprise that customers “stick to” themselves are undoubtedly good luck for the enterprise. However, there are ambiguous points here.

The cure for "star disease"

If the coveted “star boy” has appeared at your enterprise, you need to be prepared not only for sales growth, but also for the additional qualities of this outstanding personality, which often go into the burden of her professional superpowers. For example, excessive self-esteem, excessive independence and unwillingness to obey the rules. The more successful the seller, the more independent and indispensable he feels. If this does not go beyond, the usefulness of such an employee compensates for the inconvenience. But what if the "star fever" completely dizzy?

First of all, it signals problems in the company itself. If the processes in it are opaque, and in the team there are problems between ordinary employees and "stars", then managers cannot cope with the task of guiding subordinates and ensuring interaction in the team. People should know well for what they get paid, what they influence and how they can show responsibility and initiative.

Star Disease signals a person’s inability to work in a team, while employees should be focused on the success of the enterprise, as on the success of everyone in a single team. Conversation will be the first way to deal with a problem. The second may be the assignment of a problematic “star” to take care of another employee or take patronage over a newcomer. Often such an expansion of the area of ​​responsibility acts positively, in addition, the super-seller will have the opportunity to once again show off his skills in front of a colleague, but not with the aim of belittling another. If beliefs and additional tasks do not work, think about whether to sacrifice a healthy atmosphere in the team for the sake of a single employee, albeit a "star" one? No matter how outstanding he may be, he can be found a worthy replacement.

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Team building is the stage of work that causes problems for virtually all entrepreneurs, despite the genius and perspective of their business ideas. It’s from the people you hired ...
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