Past the box office. How to steal shoes from a store
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Past the box office. How to steal shoes from a store

Throughout the year, we talked about cost reduction, so relevant in times of crisis. How to work with the assortment, how to improve service, how to reduce marriage. It's time to talk about such a sensitive issue as shoplifting. Theft and anti-theft methods were studied by Anna Komissarova.

SR72-Vector-Antivor_2.jpgWhere the wind is blowing

The unstable economic situation in the country causes a surge in theft of various sizes. Retail is a favorite sight for freebie lovers. Russia is no exception. According to the World Theft Barometer, developed by the Center for Retail Research from the UK, retail losses in the 2008 year amounted to $ 104 billion due to the loss of goods. At the same time, the costs of preventive measures and the organization of security services reached $ 25,5 billion. In the same year, goods worth over 1 billion francs disappeared in Switzerland. Unfortunately, there are no such statistics in Russia, but it was noticed, according to Natalia Novoselova, a leading specialist at the consulting company Super Retail, that the most significant increase in the number of thefts - over 20% - was observed during the period of aggravation of crisis phenomena in social the economic life of society in the 1998-1999 years, the results of which were felt over the next few years. Today's situation is no better than 10 years ago. The decline in living standards, unemployment, the lack of regular wage payments, and the weakness of social security are far from a complete list of reasons that lead to theft of other people's property and official crimes of persons with access to material values.

The psychological atmosphere in business is now like this, Natalia shares, that everyone is trying, just in case, to snatch the latter. According to experts, since the beginning of the crisis, the number of store thefts has increased 2-3 times.

Bermuda Square

Where is the Bermuda Triangle hiding where goods disappear? According to the ICLMN retail chain, it makes sense not to talk about the triangle, but about the Bermuda square. It is composed of four main points of loss: transportation, management (10%), sellers (60%), buyers (30%).

Of the last professional thieves, oddly enough, only 5%, but random - most of all: from 50 to 70%. In addition, offended buyers resort to theft - their 25%. Resentment settles in their sensitive heart for the fact that the seller made them wait too long or did not serve their complaint. And even because your store has slippery steps.

Persons of sellers also often overgrown with fluff. According to Natalia Novoselova, among the reasons for the crime, personnel caught stealing indicate the inability to purchase the thing you like, the desire to compensate for the lower salaries and generally its meager level, which does not allow us to satisfy the need for clothes honestly. According to Natalia Novoselova, these people are professional thieves among sellers.

According to the statistics of the IKLMN retail chain, only 10% are crystal clear honest, not able to steal under any circumstances. There are exactly the same number of professional thieves. But the rest of 80% are normal people, just if the opportunity arises, they will take advantage of it.

According to the consulting company Super Retail, of 70% of all thefts committed by personnel, about 50% occurs with the direct participation of the cashier. To avoid such cases, maintenance personnel should be aware of the consequences and that their work is monitored.

Often, store staff steals in collusion with suppliers, customers, and security personnel. As a result, the employer does not save on reducing the wage fund, but suffers tremendous financial losses. Numerous ways to transfer money and goods into the hands of staff are described in detail in the table.

Crazy hands of buyers (according to a journalistic investigation)

It's no secret that stolen apples are the sweetest. As our journalistic investigation showed, the banal lack of money is not always the reason for the theft. For some, petty theft is a way to have fun. Fans of amusement in this way tell that they enjoy the feeling of disruption of the world order. This is similar to a situation where parents forbid a teenager to smoke, and he does it in spite of an adult out of a sense of resistance. And the dose of adrenaline is comparable to skiing.

Culture suppresses instincts, the state system limits the will of an individual individual, class society sets internal boundaries and creates hostility, add to this the pressure of parents on young people, limited financial opportunities, and you will understand that the freedom of a modern person consists only in choosing which conventions will press on him.

As you know, the greater the pressure, the greater the resistance force, the desire to let off steam, neglect the ban, protest, impose your little will on a large harsh system. We can say that the motive for the crime is directly according to Dostoevsky: “Am I a trembling creature or do I have the right?”

More often than not, the shops in the mass market sector play the role of the old woman-interest-manager: there’s an eternal flea market, especially on weekends. Thieves' favorite mushroom glades in stores are narrow and narrow aisles and dimly lit sectors. According to the stories, the workers of the invisible rear are easiest to annoy the shops selling jewelry. Pikals tear off there along with an unfortunate piece of cardboard, to which they are most often attached. Jewelry from the TopShop store still enjoys the title of easy booty, even after the turrets, hung with spools, were moved closer to the cash registers. Cashiers there are constantly busy with maintenance, and jewelry still does not fall into their field of vision.

With clothes and shoes, things are more complicated. However, there is always a way out. Lazy dirty tricks prefer to carefully cut off the RFID protection with scissors, and then sew a small hole at home. And kulibins in the soul are perverted in every possible way in the skill of manufacturing magnetic protection neutralizers.

Each newly opened store is tested by thieves - is it possible or not. If they understand what is possible, the goods will begin to leak through an invisible conveyor. That is, at least one month after the opening of the store, you need to maximize protection.

With shield and sword

All ways to reduce the theft in retail can be divided into technical, psychological, organizational. The key to successful protection is to provide it at all levels.

First, install RFID protection on all products, a video surveillance system and anti-theft equipment at the output. It should be borne in mind that these measures will prevent the temptation of only unprofessional thieves and only among buyers. Professional, most likely, will resort to neutralization of protection and damage to markings.

Igor Chumarin, general director of the St. Petersburg Agency for Research and Prevention of Losses, believes that mirrors contribute to reducing theft among buyers. The more they will be on the trading floor, the fewer thefts. A video camera set up unnoticed in places attractive to a thief can also save. Guards are another barrier to thieves. Natalia Novoselova thinks that the guards are a double-edged sword: first they guard, and then they steal. Chop - generally money wasted. It is better to have your own guards who are motivated to guard and are responsible for the loss along with the sellers.

Thus, we approach organizational measures to prevent theft, and we need to start with the stage of hiring.

It is advisable that when hiring already at the first stage of communication with candidates, weed out those who were already not trusted by employers at their previous places of work.

If the feedback from your previous job is positive, you can assign an internship.

In addition to checking the applicant for professional suitability, administrators pay attention to visitors with whom the trainee can communicate, identify his inclinations, etc. Sometimes, old employees of the enterprise may report negative information about the newcomer, which must be monitored.

As a rule, the time allotted for the internship of the applicant is enough to check the employee through the Ministry of Internal Affairs for a criminal record, the commission of administrative offenses.

After a successful internship, simultaneously with the conclusion of an employment contract, it is necessary to conclude a collective and individual liability agreement with the employee.

With cashiers, it is recommended that you additionally conclude liability agreements for the funds entrusted to him.

If an employee refuses to conclude an agreement on full liability at the time of hiring, this is considered a violation of labor obligations. When revealing the facts of theft, an inventory should be carried out to establish the size of the damage caused and the reasons for its occurrence. A written explanation is then required of the employee. If he refuses to provide it, he will have to draw up an appropriate act. The amount of damage is determined by actual losses based on market prices. Natalia Novoselova believes that if the size of the theft does not allow to initiate a criminal case, then the perpetrator should be punished by ruthless dismissal under the article “loss of trust on the part of the employer” (in accordance with paragraph 7 of article 81 of the Labor Code of the Russian Federation), also in public, if only with it does not establish an agreement to maintain confidentiality. Be sure to tell at the general meeting of the team about the dismissal of such an employee and post the dismissal order on the information board. Staff should be aware of the inevitability of the theft penalty. If you dismiss an employee “of your own free will” for theft, then the remaining employees will understand that you can continue to steal with impunity, and will continue to reduce the store’s inventory, Natalia said.

Now about the measures to prevent theft, which offers the company "Super Retail".

In order not to seduce managers, it is necessary to constantly monitor workflow, product reports, standardize business processes and establish control over the procurement and even the well-being of managers.

Among the ways to improve the work of cashiers are checking reports on returns, discounts, barcoding of goods, video surveillance, and locking the reversal button. It is also worth introducing a ban on the manual entry of the number of units of goods. And do not turn the cashier into the housekeeper Pelageya, the manager of the keys to the cash drawer. A good measure will also be the practice of constant sudden control raises of cashiers and the adoption of administrative and material measures with poor results.

The consulting company “Super Retail” believes that sellers can be controlled by checking personal items of staff at the entrance and exit from one service entrance. And do not be afraid that this may be perceived by sellers as a humiliation of dignity. In retail, such an order is considered the norm and is negotiated when applying for a job. As a rule, those who really plan to steal are usually indignant. If such rules do not suit someone, you should wish him good luck in his further searches. Sometimes the sales team itself calls for the introduction of such a system. Otherwise, it turns out that one steals, and others pay for it.

Natalia Novoselova also believes that there should be significant discounts for sellers on the purchase of the goods being sold, so as not to once again lead them to think about the secret capture of Izmail. In general, a panacea for all cases - a regular mini-inventory with a shield and sword in hand.

Throughout the year, we talked about cost reduction, so relevant in times of crisis. How to work with the assortment, how to improve service, how to reduce marriage. It's time to talk about this ...
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