It all adds up!
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It all adds up!

In the new economic environment, it is important to restructure the company in order to optimize the business. Attracting partner companies will solve a number of problems and focus on the main thing - sales. Liger Logistics has developed a project for the responsible storage of goods, their handling, and delivery to the end customer. This will significantly reduce the cost of companies!

Not every company has the ability to maintain its own logistics department! The question is the effectiveness of this unit. This is, in fact, setting up a logistics operator within a company with high costs that affect the final profit. The arrangement of the warehouse includes the installation of warehouse equipment, software, the purchase of equipment, the provision of a warehouse with manpower and clear control over its functioning. Company Liger logisticsBeing the owner of Class A warehouses, she developed a project for the responsible storage of goods, their handling, and delivery to the final customer. This will help partner companies reduce the cost of logistics. Performing a full range of services, a logistics company is ready to take responsibility for the safety and handling of cargo at the request of a partner, including shipping products.

Shoe retail experience helps you meet customer needs.

Since the employees and management of the company Liger logistics are directly related to the shoe business, they fully understand the needs of companies in the industry, whether it is a retail or a wholesale shoe company. Having experience working with federal networks and regional customers, the company's specialists accurately create supply orders, process, mark, and prepare all the necessary documentation for the supply. One of the company's tasks is to provide the service to the partner so that he does not waste time solving problems related to warehouse logistics. A system has been developed in which the warehouse works completely autonomously from the office, and is not geographically linked. This is an integration in software with a client and workflow. The presence of a customer representative upon arrival and shipment of goods is not required.

The company also solves the issues of cargo delivery: having its own fleet of vehicles, the logistics department distributes and delivers customer goods as quickly as possible. When making product consolidation, it’s no secret that customers of shoe partners intersect, Liger logistics reduces the cost of delivery, as the department forms the car from the orders of several shoe companies.

Seasonal storage

It is no secret that the custody business is successful only if the client has a good turnover of goods through the warehouse. At the moment, there is a decline in turnover, but the period of recovery is not far off. Given the situation, the company developed a special offer for the players of the shoe market for storing non-seasonal cargo. If in spring and summer there is no movement in the season “autumn-winter”, then this does not equal the cost of a seasonal product that lies without movement. A special tariff plan has been developed for this product.

Today it becomes economically unprofitable to maintain your warehouse, and you can reduce your costs by outsourcing it. Since the company is the owner of warehouse complexes, it has the ability to efficiently and competently place the goods of partners, whether it is a large retail, online store or a small retail company.

International shipping

Being in constant communication with customers and understanding their needs, the company has developed and implemented structures in the business that maximize the closure of the supply chain. Having identified the needs of customers, the company was able to create warehouses for the consolidation of goods in manufacturing countries. At the moment, such warehouses exist in China. The company has established an international shipping department. Now, customers do not wait for the filling of the container, it is possible to consolidate the cargo and send it as intended. The client, in the end, receives the “one window” service, communicating with one company, which closes the entire range of transport and storage services.

The situation when the client communicates with 3 parties is in the past, namely: the shipping warehouse -> the logistics company -> the warehouse in Russia. This service has successfully blended into the business of shoe companies, since shipping warehouses were created in the regions where this product is produced.

Own online trading platform

Together with partners, an online resource for the sale of shoes wholesale and retail was developed, which consolidates all warehouse shoe partners Liger logistics on one internet site. This resource is unique in that the warehouse within an hour forms an order from different brands, there is no need to collect this cargo in Moscow, since everything is stored in one place. The efficiency of this project is a basic principle.

Liger logistics - This is over 300 partners and 50 brands. Responsible storage is one of the main directions of the company. Logistic services for storage of goods include not only the provision of space, but also competent unloading / loading, sorting, transportation, packaging of goods, responsibility for its safety until falling into the hands of the client.

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In the new economic environment, it is important to restructure the company in order to optimize the business. Attracting partner companies will solve a number of problems and focus on the main - ...
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