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The history of super-fashionable today sheepleather felt boots - ugg boots is rooted in Australian agriculture. For the last two hundred years, farmers of this continent have been doing heavy street work in massive and rough merino boots (well, there are no other sheep in Australia), which because of their unsightly appearance were called uggs, in translation - "freaks." As is often the case, abroad "all this horror" has become a fashion trend. And Australia began to sort things out with New Zealand, who can be considered the progenitor of such shoes. For us, the main thing is that the fashion for ugg boots has reached Russia. What legends should you tell your sellers about them so that buyers' lust reaches its limit? The information was collected by Evgenia Bubnova.

Today, ugg boots are called sheepleather boots with a layer of wool inside and a suede surface outside. Both adults and children wear them. Boots come in all colors of the rainbow, with and without laces, of different heights and designs.

Primary sources: the first manufacturer of ugg boots is the Australian Blue Mountains Ugg Boots factory (they were sewn here until the 1933 of the year), at the end of the 50 they were sewn at the Mortels sheepleather factory.

Pilots became intermediaries between farmers and mods at the beginning of the 20th century: during the First World War, the planes were leaking, the pilots froze and warmed their legs in ugg boots. So these shoes lost their agricultural orientation.

Surfers made this warm winter shoe summer. In the early 1970's, several factories were built around the Australian city of Perth to make sheepleather shoes. Fortunately for the workers, not far from this city there were many beaches where surfers spent their time, who without thinking twice adapted the uggs to constant wear and made it all-weather. The fact that it is convenient to walk in uggs on slippery and uneven surfaces also played a role. As a result, the ugg boots very quickly migrated from the west coast of Australia to the east and even appeared in a ski party: they got there with the light hand of surfers who are fond of one and another sport.

And then at the end of the 1970's, the native Australian Brian Smith flew to the USA and took with him several pairs of uggs. Californian surfers immediately drew attention to them, and then Smith decided to stir up the business. His idea was finally ripe for the 1978 year, when he registered the Ugg trademark and, according to rumors, are in tune with Ug and Ugh.

In 1995, Smith sold the trademark rights to California-based Deckers Outdoor Corporation. Having bought the brand, the company promoted ugg boots in 24 countries and began to use the name UGG-Australia. Later, production was moved to China for reasons of economy. However, this did not stop the company from putting the uggs on Hollywood stars. In 2000, the American television star Oprah Winfrey bought 350 pairs of ugg boots for workers, and with her help, the “freaks” won the hearts of many Americans.

In 2003, UGG-Australia became the brand of the year according to Footwear News and showed up at the shows of famous designers.

In the 2007 year, Pamela Anderson, a former faithful fan of Australian boots, realized that ugg boots are made from animal leather and removed them forever. Massive nature of such radical action is not yet.

Shoes that were once considered massive, tasteless and rough were now a symbol of style and sexuality. Sales grow every season even despite the fact that the price of real uggs fluctuates between 250-300 euros per pair: they are chosen by those who want to emphasize their financial success.

Some representatives of the shoe business believed that the name Ugg cannot be the name of a brand, because it is the common name for all shoes of this type, such as sneakers or rubber boots. The brand name sparked controversy between Deckers and other sheepleather shoe manufacturers. Representatives of Australian sheep and wool shoe factories complained that they had lost $ 20 million just because they could not use the word ugg in their advertising campaigns.

The Merino Shoe Manufacturers Association has even launched a large-scale campaign called Keep the Australian Symbol, which advocated the elimination of the Ugg brand. Even Macquarie's Australian-English dictionary uses the Ugg brand name to identify such shoes as a whole category. In 2006, the Ugg trademark disappeared from the Australian Register of Trademarks, and the word “uggs” again became common to all shoes of this type.

Today ugg lovers associate them primarily with the Deckers UGG-Australia brand. Nevertheless, this monopoly is still diluted by other manufacturers: Emu Australia, Warmbat, Uggs-N-Rugs, RocketDog, Bear Paw Koolaburra and Real Australia. But, unfortunately, with the growing popularity of ugg boots around the world, the number of fakes is growing.

Since the beginning of 2007, the UGG stock price has increased 10 times, and in 2008, total sales exceeded $ 45 million. In the near future, Deckers plans to produce more bags and other sheepleather products under the UGG-Australia brand.

What are real ugg boots

Real UGGs are equipped with a natural sheepleather inside - it has fluffy, dense cream-colored fur (it remains natural in light-colored models).

Real UGG only sew in Australia.

Genuine UGGs have a classic herringbone pattern on the outsole with UGG® lettering in the center, a smooth transition from a smooth heel to a raised sole and

Real UGGs have a thickness of 13 mm.

Real UGGs do not tolerate rainy weather - only sun and snow.

The history of super-fashionable today sheepleather felt boots - ugg boots is rooted in Australian agriculture. For the last two hundred years, farmers on this continent have been doing heavy street work in ...
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