Caprice reaches record results
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Caprice reaches record results

Pirmasens: Caprice ended the fiscal year with record numbers in production and sales and sent additional efforts to strengthen its position as a leading shoe manufacturer.
Caprice uses innovative methods to create a virtual technology space at the company's head office in Pirmasens (Germany). Caprice shoe factory was rebuilt and modernized in accordance with the requirements of the time, thus, the company has strengthened its position in the international market as an innovative manufacturer of shoes. Jürgen Cölsch, Managing Director and owner of the Caprice family business, talks about new company transformations designed to improve product quality and improve business performance, as well as the new spring-summer brand collection for the 2018 brand.

Mr. Kölsch, tell us more about modernization: where and how was it carried out, which production areas were improved?

The leading role in the modernization is played by our head office in the German city of Pirmasens, which provides interconnection between individual production sites throughout Asia and Europe. The heart of the modernization is the newly built technology and training center, where you can now observe in real time the process of making shoes in our factories - the entire production network of the international network. The amount of investment in modernization is calculated in seven-digit figures. The fact that a lot of money has been spent can be seen immediately - upon entering the head office building. The central large hall has been completely transformed and now reflects the philosophy of the Caprice brand. You will be surprised: the hemispherical air chambers in the patented Caprice on Air insoles became the prototype for the production of designer lamps that illuminate the entire space in the colors of the new company logo. In the renewed headquarters in Germany and in our factories abroad, we are using the new principle of combining the design office and the production hall. Workplaces that were previously divided are now located closer together and, at the same time, harmoniously combined according to targeted methods. In the work areas, there is a special scent in the air, specially developed in Italy for Caprice, which will also be used in our showrooms and at selected points of sale. Scent marketing is a new trend in marketing and sales to create a sensual, multi-faceted store and collection experience for shoppers. But the true scale of the investment becomes apparent when you see the production itself and working conditions, as well as the training center. 

And what does the training center look like today?

The training center, made of special glass, was built on a special platform inside the production hall, which allows you to observe every step of the production process from above. It seems that the training center is hovering over the production hall. The training center accommodates up to 40 participants and is equipped with advanced communication and information technology. High-quality glass and specially designed LED lighting allow participants to observe the details of any stage of production. Thanks to the huge LED video screen under the ceiling of the production hall, it became possible to establish connections with factories around the world and observe the production process directly from Caprice's head office. The factories were equipped with high-speed Internet and the latest video equipment. Thus, a common workspace was created with the head office, from where the entire production process can be demonstrated to students of the training center.
The task of the training center is to improve the skills of our employees and young professionals, dealers and their personal sellers. The existing strong connection between the company and our distributors, thanks to this, will only strengthen. At the same time, this innovation allows you to directly contact a technologist who is at his workplace. Emerging technological problems can be immediately solved online by a team of technologists in Pirmasens and German engineers located in other factories. Such time and cost savings give significant results. A real-time connection to our facilities in Asia and Europe provides the training center with a deep understanding of tasks and social standards.

What other investments have been made?

Investments were also made in upgrading equipment and acquiring innovative 3D printers and scanners. Thanks to this, the company now has the opportunity to create models of new soles and heels in digital format, and then independently produce prototypes. This production upgrade ensures Caprice is able to meet the increasing demands of the market.

Does the company's future plans include modernization of foreign factories?
They are and are already being implemented! In connection with the modernization of the head office in Pirmasens, investments were made in transferring factories in Myanmar and Pakistan to independent energy sources. Past experience has shown that interruptions in the public electricity grid, which often occur in these countries, have complicated the production process. Now this will not happen.
Our flagship factory in Pakistan has a 12 square meter solar field. m, which consists of 000 solar panels located on the factory building. It is the largest industrial photovoltaic system in Pakistan. The system will go into operation in September this year in the presence of Caprice leadership, Pakistani partners and the German ambassador to the country. Thus, Caprice shoes will be produced in Pakistan only through the use of solar energy. A state-of-the-art, high-tech generator purchased from Myanmar now powers the local production of Caprice (over 3 jobs) and is no longer dependent on the public's poor quality power system.
Pakistan and Myanmar are developing countries, and our investment in the infrastructure of these factories provides us with competitive advantages. Therefore, we can guarantee our customers short delivery times, excellent prices and, at the same time, high quality products. In terms of quality and working conditions, each of our factory operates today at a European level.

What are the main accents in the new Caprice spring-summer 2018 collection?
In our new collection there are about 200 models, the main leitmotif is sport and elegance, which are now harmoniously intertwined. A woman no longer has to choose between convenience and elegance. These are summer sandals and flat sandals made of metallic leather with laser perforation and stylish sole. We pay great attention to functionality, and now even our sandals are offered with a removable insole. Particular attention is paid to the heel line. The number of models with heels of medium height, different in shape - from square to glass, is expanded, the collection is complemented by galvanized and leather-covered heels, as well as heels with a pattern.
We also expanded our Caprice Premium collection line, which received a lot of positive feedback.
And finally, another news - in the spring-summer season 2018 we present a new product group - CapriceComfort, created specifically for our customers who need comfortable shoes, the demand for these shoes is growing. All Comfort shoes are N. completeness models.
In addition to the basic, familiar colors (blue, red, white and black), the new Caprice collection is dominated by powdery, pastel colors (beige, khaki, pink), metallic shades - pink gold and silver.

Do you still make genuine leather shoes?

Perhaps no other shoe manufacturer uses so many high-quality genuine leathers with a variety of structures and patterns that are not only incredibly beautiful, but also characterized by excellent softness. Therefore, our slogan “Caprice is genuine leather!” Is not just an advertising message, but the philosophy that the company lives on. We are convinced: a pair of shoes is ideal only when it fits the foot like its own leather and when it simply does not want to be removed. The following summer, Caprice again shows how diverse the possibilities of processing leather are and what works of art can be created from it. The new SS18 collection includes models from first-class textured and perforated leather, models using embossed leather with 3D effect, glamorous leathers with metallic effect, and, of course, our pride is buckleather shoes. These shoes are the highlight of each of our collections, due to their amazing properties (soft as velvet and durable at the same time), buckleather shoes are the top product among natural materials.

Pirmasens: Caprice ended the fiscal year with record production and sales figures and put additional strength into strengthening its position as a leading manufacturer ...
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