Gianmarco Lorenzi - for the most beautiful women in the world
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Gianmarco Lorenzi - for the most beautiful women in the world

Gianni Renzi painted his first shoes when he was four years old; he created his first collection in 16 years. Indescribable delight, desire - that is what wakes up in a woman with just one look at his shoes now. For 20 years, his shoes have been sold in Russia, and in November 2010 of the year he celebrated the fifth anniversary of his collaboration with the Il Quattro network and shared his opinion about Russian women and Russia in general with SR columnist Eugenia Zharkikh, and also revealed the secret of the technology for the production of his shoes.

- Tell us more about the history of the brand, the place of production.

- Gianmarco Lorenzi was founded almost 35 years ago. My father owned a shoe factory that produced shoes for girls. When I turned 16 years old, I redesigned the factory and started producing women's shoes. Since childhood, I dreamed of making shoes for women that would emphasize their femininity, which would be very elegant, in high heels. When I turned 15 years old, my parents allowed me to create my first collection of shoes.

My company is located in the center of Italy, in the province of Marche. This region has a large concentration of shoe factories and factories that produce various leather products. Therefore, we have the opportunity to choose the best materials for the production of our shoes. We use only Italian products of the highest level. It seems to me that this is my calling - to make shoes that transform a woman, making her more elegant, feminine, expressive.

- Why did you choose Il Quattro as your retail partner in Russia?

- I have been working in Russia for 20 years, in 1989 I opened my first store here. And I met Mikhail in the 2004 year, when he was just starting his business in the shoe trade. But only with him did our work become more beneficial. I am always glad to people who have a goal, and they never stop, but go to it. Michael refers to such people. I am very glad to our cooperation.

- Does your company use the Shop-in-Shop concept, which is so popular now?

- The concept of our stores is a single brand. All stores have a separate room where exclusive VIP-only shoes are displayed. Our stores are located in the city center. Of course, we advise how to exhibit shoes, how display cases should look. I come up with the concept of stores myself, the rest is already done by architects.

- Our readers believe that Gianmarсo Lorenzi shoes have a very comfortable shoe. How do you manage to make her like that?

- Since I began to manufacture shoes, I always paid great attention to the shoe. I am considered one of the best experts in the field of technology for the production of high-heeled shoes. I believe that the block - like a beautiful woman with smooth lines - there should be nothing superfluous in it. I pay great attention to every inch of the pad. To make a form that would be convenient for a woman, whether it is a high or low heel, you need to very delicately feel the balance between comfort and beauty of shoes. You need to know and take into account the fact that the human foot makes 12 thousand movements per day. And if there are 5% inaccuracies in calculating the pads, then the woman will be hurt and uncomfortable. And this will be reflected in all areas of her life. Therefore, the production technology of the pads can be compared with the work of an engineer, in this work there is no place for errors and miscalculations.

- What materials do you work with? What leather treatment technology do you use?

- It often happens that the materials that I and my assistants like are uncomfortable to wear, so we cannot use them all the time. We adhere to the principle of balance in the comfort, weariness and beauty of shoes. That is why the choice of material is a rather complicated process. It is important to emphasize that any kind of leather that we use, whether it is calf or goat, nappa or suede, is treated with aniline. This is a non-chemical treatment that allows the leather to remain soft. Therefore, aniline treated leather has the highest quality and highest price. Many buyers do not know that the leather of cheap shoes or mid-price shoes is treated with pentanol, and эthen a chemical element, and not entirely safe. In Italy, this type of leather treatment has been banned for many years. These products come from Brazil, China and Turkey. This enzyme is dangerous for the body, and most often the buyer is not aware of the harm that leather treated in this way can bring him. Processing the leather with pentanol takes about two hours. Processing with aniline is a very long process that lasts 24 days. This enzyme is used in almost all European countries. Of course, processing with pentanol is cheaper and requires less time, but we monitor the quality of our shoes, so we will never allow this type of processing in our company. The buyer who comes to the store may not initially feel the difference, but this affects the quality of the shoes, the wearability, and most importantly, the health of the buyer. This is the same as radiation: we do not see it, but it affects us. The foot is the part of the body where the blood circulates most actively, so violations of the foot condition affect the whole body. It is very important that end customers are aware of this. And we provide them with this information.

- What materials do you like most?

- Beautiful materials of Italian production. Natural. For me, quality and appearance are equally significant. Nowadays, production technologies are so developed that they allow you to create many interesting effects with materials. For evening shoes, I prefer blue silk, it is very elegant. For a cocktail, I like suede. If we talk about everyday shoes, then I prefer nappa and calfleather; you can use patent leather, although lately it has been too much, it can no longer be called fashionable.

- What are you dreaming about?

- As a child, I dreamed that the most beautiful women in the world would wear my shoes. This dream comes true - now Gianmarco Lorenzi is worn by such famous and beautiful women as Ornella Muti, Beyoncé and Misha Barton.

- In your opinion, how many pairs of shoes should be in the wardrobe of a woman?

- It is impossible to measure the number of shoes in a women's wardrobe! This number is infinity. I believe that a woman should not give bouquets of flowers, but bouquets of shoes (laughs. - Approx. Author).

- You have been working in Russia for so long, what can you say about Russian women? What is your image?

- Women are beautiful all over the world, but only in Russia did I discover the culture of femininity, the culture of being beautiful. Russian women are the most feminine women in the world.

- Do you often come to us?

- I am trying. I really like Russia. This is such a big country, so unpredictable. Every time I discover something new. But it is impossible to fully understand, as well as Russian women ...

Gianni Renzi painted his first shoes when he was four years old; he created his first collection in 16 years. Indescribable delight, desire - this is what wakes up in a woman at one ...
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