I-Store: a new concept for the sale of Italian products
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I-Store: a new concept for the sale of Italian products

A stereotype has long been established in the Russian consciousness: quality means Germany, fashion means France, expression means Spain. What does Italy mean? Made in Italy means fashion, design and delicious food. The three pillars of the Italian economy.

Given the imperial ambitions of the descendants of the great Romans, the desire to establish world domination of Italian products is understandable. To do this, Italians offer partners around the world to adopt a completely new and unique store concept. It is unique in its “increased sociability” with both customers and producers of goods. And this by itself leads to growing recognition and purchase. Secondly, this concept of stores also implies a quantitative increase - with the support of the Made in Italy program, supermarkets called I-Store will be created abroad, designed to promote both specific brands and the Italian commercial culture as a whole.

They will combine multibrands of several categories under a common umbrella: wine and cooking, shoes and accessories, clothes, designer furniture and home accessories, each department of the supermarket will have the corresponding name categories - I-Food, I-Wine, I-Shoes, I -Fashion and I-Design. When planning supermarkets, the needs of all participants will be taken into account, so that in all departments there is maximum traffic (for customers) and demand (for goods). Each category will have its own approach to the design of points of sale.

Who is selling all this?

To manage the shoe division of the project, I-Shoes Made in Italy was created. This is the result of the merger of the two companies - the marketing agency Armando Honnegger srl and the showroom Massimo Bonini, which already has distributors in 63 countries.

The company has developed and registered I-Shoes franchising concept, which includes brand search, selection and involvement of local partners around the world in the business, distribution of only exclusive Italian products, development of a store image with a local partner, provision of products and customer support services , joint development of a business plan, as well as planning and coordination of marketing and communication activities.

Shoe brands such as ETRO, Alessandro dell'Aqua, Andrea Pfister, Missoni, Leopoldo Giordano, Paolo Ferrari, Sebastian, Lerre, Armuse, Henderson, the Saddler, Kalliste, etc. have already expressed their desire to become suppliers of the multibrand I-Shoes. may sell accessories and bags of the brands Kalliste, Neil Barrett, Alessandro dell'Aqua, Beledina, Elle, Sartie and Sebastian.

Who can become a partner?

For retailers interested, for example, in participating in a shoe project, the benefits of cooperation are obvious: firstly, they receive various bonuses from the I-Shoes project, and secondly, an official license for this brand in each store. They have the opportunity to communicate directly with leading Italian shoe manufacturers and independently select new collections for stores.

“I-Shoes Made in Italy” together with the franchisee conclude a contract that stipulates the number of pairs of shoes that the retailer will purchase every six months. Payment is possible by letters of credit. To facilitate the payment of the company’s funds in the first six months, I-Shoes Made in Italy allows you to defer the first payment until the partner completely sells the collection. Naturally, shoes should be sold at prices set by I-Shoes Made in Italy. Moreover, I-Shoes stores should not have third-party products. The retail space should be designed and used strictly according to the contract, as the company shares the costs of design and decoration with a retailer. The responsibilities of commercial store management are also the responsibility of the retailer. The percentage of profits deducted by the I-Shoes Made in Italy partner and the amount that is supposed to be spent on the implementation of the advertising plan are specifically stipulated. The cost of renting premises and employee salaries are borne by the partner.

At the moment, shoe brands offered by “I-Shoes Made in Italy” are already represented and known in countries such as Spain, France, Germany, Great Britain, Ireland, Denmark, Austria, Lithuania, Slovenia, Poland, Greece, Switzerland, Czech Republic , Russia, Ukraine, Japan, China, Taiwan, Turkey, Armenia, United Arab Emirates, Indonesia, Singapore, USA, Canada, Australia, Nigeria and many others. Thus, franchising within the I-Store cannot be ineffective. And dozens of partners around the world have already proven this.

For your information: The I-Store "Made in Italy" supermarket concept is a whole range of sales promotion actions that take into account the exhibition and commercial features of each of the three main export destinations of the Italian economy

A stereotype has long been established in the Russian consciousness: quality means Germany, fashion means France, expression means Spain. What does Italy mean? Made in Italy - ...
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