Shoe company plans for 2013 year
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Shoe company plans for 2013 year

Growth business: what shoe companies are planning for 2013

Last year turned out to be very rich for events and achievements for shoe companies. But 2013 year promises to be no less significant. And although shoe makers do not like to make loud statements in advance, the Shoes report found out what shoe networks and manufacturers are preparing for.

Production Leaders

Company group "Shoes of Russia" in 2013, it will adhere to the strategy for development in one segment: “Our long-term goal is to become a leader in the mid-price segment, which, according to experts, in the next few years will be the most promising in terms of shoe retail development,” the company says. “We made this conclusion based on the results of 2012: the growth rate of this segment is almost twice as fast as the growth rate of the footwear market as a whole”. In order to realize its plans, the company will increase efficiency, expand the audience of loyal customers and develop its own brands - the Westfalica and Pedestrian chains, as well as the youth brand Emilia Estra.

One of the elements of the strategy is the improvement of shoe collections. The company relies on their uniqueness, involving European designers in the creation of models. At the same time, Obuv Rossii Group of Companies supplements its assortment with new product lines - bags and accessories, shoe care products, insoles and hosiery products. Customers are also provided with additional services, such as selling shoes by installments.

Expansion of production became an important part of the development strategy of the Obuv Rossii Group of Companies. In 2013, a new production complex will appear in Novosibirsk. The site for the factory has already been selected, this is a three-story building with an area of ​​8000 sq. m. The project will begin in 2013, but the factory will reach full capacity in 4 years. It is assumed that first Obuv Rossii will increase production from 350 thousand to 500 thousand pairs per year, and in the future, the volume will grow to 1 million pairs.

Another project that Obuv Rossii Group of Companies announced at the end of 2012 is the creation of a shoe factory in Cherkessk. State guarantees for a period of 5 years will be issued for its implementation. The total investment in the project will amount to 1,4 billion rubles, of which 400 million are the company's own funds, and 1 billion rubles is a loan that the MFK bank will provide after the Obuv Rossii Group of Companies receives state guarantees.

The tactics of expanding production at Obuv Rossii Group of Companies are explained by many factors. “It is profitable for shoe chains to open their own factories. Thanks to this, the company receives guarantees for the assortment, can more closely control the quality of products, modernize collections, ”says Natalya Pauli, Deputy Director of Public Relations at Obuv Rossii Group of Companies. "In addition, there are significant savings in transport costs and increased mobility of the shoe network, which can now quickly place an order for the production of the season's best-selling models."

According to the general director of the company "Shoe company" Unichel " Vladimir Denisenko, in recent years the company has accumulated a certain margin of safety, which allows the company to feel confident. “Our branded network covers many Russian regions, and our products have gained a good reputation in the eyes of Russians. So it's time to take a break and look around. In 2013, for the first time, we will leave the production volumes the same - within three million pairs of shoes per year. This is indirectly related to the fact that all production facilities in Chelyabinsk, Orenburg and Zlatoust are now almost fully loaded. "

Despite the fact that Unicel will keep the same production volumes, the company will develop along other fronts. At the beginning of 2013, a new logistics center for 10 sq. M. Will be commissioned. m, into which the warehouse premises from the territory of the main building of the factory will be transferred. In addition, in 000 the company did a great job of updating the equipment, as a result of which a new injection unit will enter production in the first quarter of 2012. It will allow the company to produce TPU (thermoplastic elastomer and polyurethane) soles, not just TPE (thermoplastic elastomer) soles. Equipment for the production of moccasins was purchased, the first batch of which will be manufactured in January. Also, at the beginning of 2013, it is planned to install and launch a new Italian-made cutting complex, and a blank flow will be put into operation at the Zlatoust factory.

In 2013, Unicel plans to open 30 to 40 new stores and invest about 150 million rubles in the development of branded trade. These figures fit into the concept of slowing down quantitative development, since in 2012 the retailer opened 77 brand stores in the Sverdlovsk, Chelyabinsk, Irkutsk regions, in the Perm and Krasnoyarsk territories, in the republics of Tatarstan and Bashkortostan, and the Khanty-Mansiysk Autonomous Okrug. Last year, after a six-year hiatus, Unicel footwear reappeared in Novosibirsk - 5 stores were launched there. The chain also expanded to Altai, opening retail outlets in Barnaul. The company has no stores in Moscow yet, but the management of “Unicel” does not lose sight of the capital. Today, a total of 407 branded stores operate under the Unicel brand in Russia.

From A to Z: Networking Plans

In the new, 2013 year, the company ALBA plans to bring to the market 15 new shoe stores. All of them will be revealed in a new design concept, which was presented to the public at the end of 2012. The first trading floor to undergo changes was the ALBA boutique in the Mega-Khimki shopping center. Sergey Kutumov, director of brand development for ALBA, says: “The project will be implemented in all stores of the chain within three years. Investments in a particular salon depend on the state of the retail space, but the average cost of a reconcept for one store is about 4,5 million rubles. The company's analysts expect that the re-concept strategy will provide sales growth of 15-20% in turnover, despite the increasingly fierce competition in the Russian footwear market.

Italian brand Baldinini closed 2012 with about 60 franchise stores in Russia and 20 stores in the CIS countries. According to Sales Director Mr. Massimo Sarti, the brand is already well represented in Moscow and St. Petersburg. Nevertheless, Moscow remains among the priority cities for the development of the network, and the company is still considering places in Moscow shopping centers located in areas remote from the city center. True, in 2013 the Baldinini company will try to direct maximum efforts to development in such cities with a population of one million as Yekaterinburg, Tyumen, Novosibirsk. The increase in the number of Russian stores may be from 10 to 15. Less populated residential areas will not be left without attention. “The market situation is improving every year in cities with a population of 500-800 thousand people. Therefore, it is interesting for us to develop in cities such as Surgut, Ulyanovsk, Orenburg. We are also attracted by the south of Russia - Krasnodar, Rostov-on-Don, Sochi. In this region, many events are planned in the next few years, such as the 2014 Olympics and the 2018 FIFA World Cup, which means that there will be many times more quality shopping centers, ”Sarti sums up.

Company is known Carlo pazolini in 2013, plans to develop a network of accessories called Carlo Pazolini Accessories. The opening of the first stores of the project is scheduled for the second half of the year, and during this period we can expect the launch of ten outlets with an area of ​​up to 100 sq. m

Danish brand ECCO in 2013 it plans to increase the company's retail network in Russia by 25-30 own stores and 10-15 franchisee stores. Up to 5 retail outlets will be opened in the capital, the rest of the stores will start operating in the regions. In the first quarter of 2013, ECCO will open the first flagship store in Moscow on Kutuzovsky Prospekt. “This will be a unique store for Russia, where exclusive models of footwear will be presented. Also in this store you will be able to learn about the history of the brand, the technologies used and much more, ”- ECCO representatives share their plans. In addition to Russian development, the brand intends to strengthen its presence in Kazakhstan. Shoe market newbie - mass market chain Kari by the end of 2013 will increase the network to 600 stores. Note that in December 2012, the retailer managed 280 retail facilities. In the near future, the network plans to develop in 4 main markets - in Russia, Poland, Ukraine and Kazakhstan.

В Mascot admit that for 2013 the company has set rather ambitious plans. The brand plans to launch at least 18 franchise stores in Russia and in the foreign markets of Ukraine and Kazakhstan. The company's own retail in 2013 will increase by at least 10 stores in Russia and by 1 store in the UK, which will open its doors in London. “For the development of the network in 2013, we identified the regions that are leading in terms of the volume of investments made in them by the largest industry companies,” Mascotte explains, without specifying, however, which regions are in question. - The opening of new enterprises will have a positive systemic effect and affect the economy of the region and the quality of life of the population. We believe this is sufficient reason to prioritize the opening of new Mascotte branded stores. ”

Company Ralf ringer in 2013, it will continue to work on increasing sales of women's shoes, which were introduced into the assortment in 2010 and are now only gaining a buyer. “We have been a leader in the men's footwear market for a long time, so there is practically nowhere to grow,” says RALF RINGER. “The goal of our own retail network for the next 2-3 years is to reach the average market sales of women's shoes, which is 70% of total sales.” In 2012, RALF RINGER produced 1 pairs of shoes for men and women. And if the dynamics of revenue from men's shoes remained practically unchanged, then the profit from women's range increased by 281%. It should also be noted that in addition to focusing on women's collections, the company will continue to develop the youth footwear market using the PIRANHA brand.

A network of shoe stores and accessories business center by the end of 2012, it became the leader in sales of the brands Gant, Napapijri, Marc O'Polo Shoes and Tom Tailor not only in Russia, but also in Europe. In addition, the year for SOHO ended with a valuable acquisition: TMHF, which manages the chain, won a tender to present the Porsche Design men's accessory line in Russia with the possibility of opening mono-brand stores, wholesale trade and franchising. In 2013, two Porsche Design branded showrooms will open in Moscow. For SOHO stores, TMHF remains true to its strategy of expanding 15 stores per year.

"Center Shoes" ended 2012 more than successfully, opening 218 new stores. The total number of stores in the chain exceeded 1000, amounting to 1037 stores (including the Centrobuv and Centro chains). In addition, in 2012, the retailer introduced new standards for the design and automation of its retail space. The plans for 2012 have not yet been announced to the press.

Group of companies "Novard", developing a network of shoe cassettes Econika, next year will reduce the growth rate of the shoe retailer. The vice-president of the company Sergey Sarkisov told Shoes Report about this. According to him, in 2012, Econika opened 28 caskets, and in 2013, net growth is planned at the level of 18-20 stores. At the same time, the possibility of closing unprofitable objects is not excluded, and the company will be very demanding in the choice of places for new outlets. The main number of openings is planned for the regions; in Moscow and the Moscow Region, the opening of new caskets will take place as high-quality retail space appears. Speaking about the general development strategy, Sergei Sarkisov noted that the chain seeks to compete due to the quality characteristics of the product and service. In accordance with this strategy, in 2012 the company abandoned the wholesale business, which had existed for 4 years, and completely focused on working with retail. One of the important tactics in this regard was to increase the share of a young audience - women from 17 to 25 years old, who are not a fundamentally new customer for Econika, but at the same time expand the base of future loyal consumers of the chain. The company emphasizes that the collections of the Alla Pugacheva and RiaRosa brands will remain stylistically consistent, devoid of ultra-fashionable elements, but with the obligatory presence of the most important seasonal trends and recognizable. All this is in accordance with the current trend of the time, which can be described as “product segmentation”.

Shoe network Zenden opened 2012 stores in 69, bringing the number of its outlets to 140. In 2013, the company plans to launch 60-80 more stores, but the number of openings will depend on how many good sites are available in the shopping centers. Also in a series of plans is to enter the Ukrainian market (Kiev), which fits into the concept of expanding the network's geography, according to which, in 2012, Zenden stores first appeared in Alma-Ata (Kazakhstan) and Nazran (Ingushetia). 

Last year turned out to be very rich for events and achievements for shoe companies. But 2013 year promises to be no less significant. And although shoe makers do not like to make loud statements in advance, the Shoes report ...
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