Product Quality Monitoring System
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Product Quality Monitoring System

The state program to support the Russian manufacturer is gaining momentum: at the end of the year, the Ministry of Industry and Trade announced the creation of the Roskachestvo System, designed to become the country's first and only state system for certifying the quality of goods and services. The main goal of the project is to support a domestic manufacturer. However, the organizers say that not only Russian, but also foreign manufacturers who dream of conveying information about the quality of their goods to the consumer will be able to mark their products with a distinctive sign.

But, of course, first of all, the idea is designed for a Russian manufacturer. According to the creators, the goal of the project is to improve the overall quality of products on the shelves, promote Russian goods to the domestic and foreign markets, and increase consumer confidence in Russian products. After its creation, the system will begin to conduct independent research of various categories of goods, as a result of which the best products and services in each category will be awarded a single all-Russian "Quality Mark". “82% of Russians are convinced of the need to create a unified state system for monitoring and confirming product quality,” Anton Bulanov, a member of the interdepartmental working group on the creation of the Russian quality system, said with reference to VTsIOM research, speaking at the 8th annual fashion industry forum “Fashion retail & distribution "

The autonomous non-profit organization "Russian Quality System" (Roskachestvo) will become the first and only national system for monitoring, comparative testing and confirmation of the quality of goods and services. Roskachestvo focuses on rolling research, i.e. control purchase of the maximum possible number of samples of products of one category in retail, with a complete refusal to receive products directly at the enterprises. Numbered and anonymized samples are sent for research to independent laboratories accredited by Roskachestvo, where their safety, the validity of the product information specified by the manufacturer, and the compliance of this product with the requirements of technical regulations and GOSTs are assessed. The results of fan studies are published in the public domain, primarily on the Roskachestvo website, and are also disseminated through the media. In addition, based on the results of such examinations, the Russian Quality Mark will be awarded, the design of which was adopted within the framework of an open competition held by the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation at the end of 2013. The new distinctive mark is surprisingly similar to the one that adorned cans with condensed milk and processed cheese in the Soviet past - a pentagon with the letter "K" enclosed in it. According to the founders of Roskachestvo (among them - the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation, the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Russian Federation, the Union of Entrepreneurs of the Textile and Light Industry, the Russian Union of Leatherworkers and Shoemakers, the Association of Retail Companies, etc.), the new initiative will be supported by consumers who will actively involve the "worthy" in the selection. In 2015, a survey of about 30 different product categories is planned. In the future, it is planned to involve both experts and the public in the selection of promising categories for testing. From year to year, the number of checked product categories will grow. All information will be published on the Roskachestvo website. Whether the product has actually received the mark can be checked in the same place without leaving the store shelf by photographing the barcode of the approved product or QR code.

“Today in Russia there are many non-governmental organizations and prizes that award certain marks designed to testify to the quality of products labeled by them, such as“ Brand of the Year ”,“ 100 Best Products ”and so on. However, according to VTsIOM, the level of consumer confidence in them is low: 63% of Russians do not trust non-state quality marks and all kinds of prizes, which supposedly the best goods are “awarded” on a paid basis, ”said Anton Bulanov. “Brand of the Year” is, in fact, a marketing tool: in fact, the manufacturer invests in a certain icon, assuming that the consumer will choose his product more willingly. Neither activity can solve the problem that is entrusted to Roskachestvo - to improve the quality of Russian goods and increase customer loyalty to domestic products, incl. by providing open information, conducting honest independent research, making high demands on the professionalism and competence of its employees. International experience of implementing such state systems proves that this is possible. "

The founders of Roskachestvo are sure that they will be able to interest consumers and manufacturers in the new project. The creators of the system promise that the information on the costs of testing, to pay for laboratory services and to actively promote the quality mark will be completely open.

The budget for 2015 has not yet been approved, but according to the approximate estimates of the founders, about 22,5–37,5 million rubles will be spent this year, since the cost of one audit is on average about 1 million rubles. In the long-term plans, Roskachestvo has a possible task of partially reducing budgetary expenditures for maintaining the system. As an example, the developers cite the national quality assessment systems in the USA, Germany, which receive most of the funding through the receipt of royalties from the use of the mark by manufacturers, as well as through the sale of information products - a subscription to a corresponding magazine or to an Internet portal with research and quality reviews. goods.

Competences of Roskachestvo

• Conducting regular independent rolling studies of the quality of goods and services presented on the Russian market. Goods for testing are purchased at retail, the test results are publicly presented on the resources of Roskachestvo and in the media

• Elaboration of requirements for products that determine the increased quality and level of localization

• Awarded the Russian quality mark for products with improved quality, based on the results of voluntary certification

• Publishing, journalistic, educational activities:

- Maintaining an information portal

- Publication of a national journal

- Publication of the annual National Quality Report

- Other forms of activity (seminars, conferences, etc.)

The principles of the Russian quality system

- independence. At this stage, the work of the Roskachestvo is funded by the state. Roskachestvo does not sell tests, advertising, the organization cannot have sponsors or co-branding partners.

- openness. The system is open to any Russian manufacturer of products within the Roskachestvo area of ​​activity

- Publicity. Significant documents of the system, as well as evaluation criteria (requirements) of products are adopted following an open discussion with representatives of leading scientific organizations, consumer communities, product manufacturers, and other expert organizations.

- Competence. Roskachestvo emphasizes and cultivates the professionalism of employees, makes high demands on the professionalism of contractors (laboratories, etc.)

- Patriotism. Roskachestvo welcomes import substitution, which is the result of not administrative or customs barriers to foreign products, but the result of improved quality.

Global trend

In many European countries, organizations like Roskachestvo have been successfully functioning for more than a dozen years. The creators of the project do not hide the fact that they took into account international experience when developing the functionality and mechanisms of their project. For example, in Germany, the German Institute for Quality Monitoring Stiftung Warentest has been operating since 1964, the level of trust in which among the population is very high. For a long time, the organization was funded by the government of the country, but over time it began to publish a magazine with information about the quality of goods. Today, 680 thousand German households have signed up for it, the money for the subscription is 85% of the institute's annual budget, and the government gives only 15%. At the same time, the annual budget of Stiftung Warentest is € 54 million, and this institute carries out about 200 inspections of goods and services in different categories per year.

Time will tell whether Roskachestvo will be able to repeat the success of its German colleagues. So far, businessmen are restrained about the new project. Time will pass before the consumer begins to be loyal and trustful to the new system of quality control of goods.

The state program to support the Russian manufacturer is gaining momentum: at the end of the year, the Ministry of Industry and Trade announced the creation of the Roskachestvo System, designed to become the first and only in the country ...
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