HR Recruiting Trends
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HR Recruiting Trends

Rising unemployment does not increase your chances of hiring professional staff: retailers with experience and excellent administrators are still worth their weight in gold. How to search and find the best of the best, what trends in recruiting will help to close vacancies in the company quickly and forever?

Each retail chain solves the problem of personnel shortage in its own way: some develop tempting compensation packages and entice specialists from competing firms, others improve the personnel training system, and still others invent special motivational programs (we wrote about non-monetary motivation in issue No. 125). Each method has its pros and cons; a universal human resource management tool has not yet been invented. At the end of last year, world-renowned HR expert John Sullivan formulated the main directions in recruiting for the next couple of years.

1. Recruitment Gamification... The term refers to the use of gaming tools in non-gaming processes. Such tactics will help to involve candidates in the game, setting certain tasks for them, the solution of which will determine the skills and potential of the future employee. This strategy can also increase candidate awareness of the brand: a fun game can connect the brand with positive values ​​and corporate culture, thus introducing the company to candidates who have not previously considered working for it. Founder of IT company SVNGR, Seth Pribach, said, “If you let your employee be an 80th level elf, they will perform much more efficiently.” For example, trying to attract young people to collaborate, Miter Corp. noticed that its workforce is aging. she decided to attract a young staff member created the video game "Honorable Work", in which players become participants in a virtual tour of the company's workplaces and can try themselves as managers of various departments, performing certain tasks.The company not only quickly closed all available vacancies, but also increased its reputation among young professionals.Therefore, any recruitment activities should be a branding tool.Any job advertisement should be an advertisement of the company's brand itself.The aim of recruitment activities, in the end, is to position the company as a place where it is convenient and prestigious to be both a client of the company and an employee.

2. Competition for talent. According to experts in the personnel market, competition for highly qualified personnel will only grow in the coming years. The term “aggressive recruiting” has even been coined to accurately reflect the ongoing battle for talent. Bounty hunters seek out information on candidates for the sake of a good deal, resorting to new and new ways of gathering information.

3. Recommended recruiting. Do not confuse this cadre search system with nepotism, which, for example, thrives on the French labor market. However, we also have a similar recruitment system in high esteem. The international experience of large HR agencies proves that if you get right to the point, recruiting staff according to the recommendations of employees gives results faster than all other ways of hiring and is even cheaper. Thanks to the rapid development of social media and the growth of their role in the life of any society, such recruiting today begins to develop with renewed vigor. In some large companies, up to 50% of the existing staff got into the company precisely thanks to the recommendation of existing employees. According to John Sullivan, advisory recruiting will certainly grow into a large recruitment campaign in which every employee of the company will participate, and in a constant mode.

4. "Boomerang recruitment" or re-hiring of previously resigned employees. Hiring former employees of the company today is not something out of the ordinary, on the contrary, the return of the “former” helps the company to quickly and efficiently solve current tasks and build development plans. Boomerang Employees have already proven that they can be a source of the highest quality for hiring. Thanks to the development of this area, the share of "returnees" accounts for up to 10% of the total hiring.

5. Online interviews. The development of IT technologies has allowed many companies to reduce the cost of conducting multi-stage interviews: online assessment of the professional knowledge and skills of candidates for a particular position becomes cheaper and more efficient. This not only saves time and money, but also significantly improves the quality of hiring. Increasingly, companies are using video interviews that have already proven their effectiveness, so they will be used more and more until it becomes a common practice for an initial interview in any company - from IT to retail.

6. Facebook profile instead of resume. The information presented in popular social networks will tell about a potential employee much more than his resume. so companies quite officially increasingly work with the candidate’s profile on social networks. But you must remember that in this area there are some administrative and legal restrictions, but, according to experts, they will be resolved soon and personal pages on the networks will become an official source of information for recruiters.

7. The role of Hr portals is declining. As job seekers increasingly insist on "truthful and true" information about employers, job pages on corporate websites, as well as on professional search and hiring sites, are decreasing: a short list of requirements and an even shorter list of bonuses voiced on such sites, do not reflect the full picture, and even more so, do not tell the candidate a word about the company. Is that the social package included in the list of bonuses, today can serve as some guarantors of the decency of the employer. But this is far from the most important information, much more important is the general atmosphere in the company, the attitude of employees to each other, professional leadership ... The Chinese division of the international agency Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu created a "virtual tour of the office" to attract talent and increase brand loyalty. A gamer can visit the company's work areas, conference rooms and training centers, study the daily routine of Deloitte specialists, as well as chat with existing Deloitte employees in real time to get reliable information about the work and better understand the company and corporate culture.

Rising unemployment does not increase your chances of hiring professional staff: retailers with experience and excellent administrators are still worth their weight in gold. How to search and find the best of the best, ...
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