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Strategies That Choose Networks

It is always interesting what top managers of leading retail companies think and strive for. Representatives of 12 of the largest brands and retail chains in Russia lifted the veil of secrecy over their development plans specifically for Shoes Report.

The goal of Obuv Rossii Group of Companies is to become one of the three leaders of the largest shoe chains in Russia.

Anton Titov.JPGAnton Titov, director of the Obuv Rossii group of companies, which manages the Westfalika, Pedestrian and Emilia Estra brands:

Obuv Rossii is one of the five largest footwear retailers in the country, and our strategic goal is to become one of the three leaders, strengthen our position in the mid-price segment and increase its share in it to at least 4% in value terms. We also strive to become one of the leading shoe companies in terms of the quality of retail organization and the popularity of brands. In 2013, we opened more than 80 Westfalika stores, and in the coming years we intend to open 100 stores a year. In the period from 2013-2017, we are investing 6 billion rubles of our own and borrowed funds to expand the retail network. This will allow us to increase the Westfalika chain to 2018 stores by 650, and our revenue to 18,5 billion rubles per year.

Along with network growth, our strategic goal is to improve the operational efficiency of the business and maintain an EBITDA margin at 18%. To do this, we invest in improving collections - we increase the share of designer shoes in collections, cooperate with foreign designers, - expand the range of related products, develop the format of stores for shopping centers, and also develop additional services for buyers - installments and microloans. "

nedosekin.JPGObuv.com is a strategy for strengthening brand positions.

Anton Nedosekin, Deputy General Director for Strategic Development and Finance, Obuv.com:

“In the future 3-5 years, we see ourselves as one of the leading players in the low-price segment, but we plan to grow organically, since we do not share the explosive growth strategy that is widespread for our segment. The policy of rapid extensive distribution of the brand does not always have a positive effect on the economic efficiency of development, so we will adhere to the growth rate of about 20 own stores per year. At the same time, we will not abandon franchising, as our competitors did. It will take us some time to grow to the federal level, and franchising will remove some of the operating costs. At the moment, sales through franchise stores form 20-25% of the turnover, and we strive to maintain this share, actively developing and popularizing this direction. When it comes to experimenting with a service and a product, unsuccessful examples of competitors show the failure of such a strategy. We do not plan to radically change either the format of the Obuv.com stores or the assortment matrix - they have already been established and completely suit us in their current form. True, there is a desire to expand the share of the accessory group to 20%, since at the moment it is not large enough in comparison with the general market norm. We are also actively adopting the experience of our Western colleagues in terms of IT technologies and loyalty programs and within the next three to four months we will present a product in this area that Russian footwear retail players do not yet have. "

Sarichev Alexander.JPGZenden's goal is to become one of the three leaders of the largest shoe chains in Russia.

Alexander Sarychev, director of the retail network and managing partner of Zenden:

«ZENDEN's goal is to become one of the three largest shoe chains in Russia. As of September 2013, there are over 170 stores in Russia in 95 regions of the country. In the future, we plan to grow moderately: 60 stores per year. Financial indicators - an increase in revenue to regular growth by 20%. It is profitable for the ZENDEN multibrand store chain to grow qualitatively: to increase profits and growth by updating and improving the assortment. Also, our company is working on improving logistics processes, which means creating a system that provides for the delivery of shoes, taking into account the individual structure of demand for each region. "

Kamelkov igor.JPGRalf Ringer is a strategy to strengthen the new format.

Igor Kamelkov, CEO of the Ralf Ringer branded retail chain:

“We pay special attention to the sales of the women's collection, which appeared in the RALF RINGER assortment in 2010, and we rely on the youth audience, developing the teenage brand PIRANHA - it is represented in all branded stores of the chain along with the women's and men's line. Considering these factors, the development strategy of the RALF RINGER branded network is to open stores with an area of ​​80-100 sq. m. in a class "A" shopping center in large cities of the Russian Federation. Shopper behavior is changing, the attractiveness of such complexes is growing, and the annual sales growth in stores in such shopping centers is 20%. Perhaps we will re-examine the possibilities of street retail, but only for opening a few stores as image projects. But I'm not ready to say yet. On the one hand, freestanding stores can show higher sales compared to shopping centers, but on the other hand, their maintenance costs are usually much higher, and the overall market dynamics shows a drop in sales in this format. "


Carlo Pazolini - Overseas Development Strategy.

Dmitry Kondrakhin, Director of Development, Carlo Pazolini:

“If we talk about expansive development, then in Russia we will open new stores as new promising sites appear. Abroad, we plan to open about 50 Carlo Pazolini sections in famous Italian department stores Coin, we also plan to launch stores in 10 European outlets, open about 10 stores in China and several more flagship stores in New York. "

spikelets.JPGAlba is a strategy to strengthen brand positions.

Stanislav Koloskov, Marketing and Advertising Director, Alba Network:

“I would single out several priority areas in the development strategy of the Alba network for 2014-15. The first is the active expansion of the retail network. By the end of 2014, Alba plans to open at least 15 shoe and accessory stores in a new concept that meets all the modern canons of European quality design and the requirements for convenience from the point of view of visitors. Particular attention will be paid to the visual component of our showrooms, and especially the showcases as the “face” of the Alba brand. The second is the intensified development of the online sales channel and the concept of multichannel. Our client should be able to purchase a shoe or accessory where it is most convenient for him. The third direction is a detailed study of the consumer of our brand, his expectations and preferences in order to gradually move to personalized communication and develop collections taking into account the preferences of our customers. Finally, we will focus on building the correct and core brand message. This is not the fastest process and not the easiest, but at the same time, a very important task for us. "

Peter Malkin.JPGSinta Gamma is a service quality improvement strategy.

Peter Malkin, CEO of Sinta Gamma retail chain:

"Wholesale company" Gortek Star ", which manages the Sinta Gamma chain, has existed for 2 years. We now have 15 stores, and by the beginning of next year we plan to bring this number to 18. We are in no hurry and are opening stores so that they have time to reach the proper operating level. Our mission is to create a profitable business through quality, flexibility and excellent management. Therefore, at the moment we have two main directions of development - improving the product and service. We are moving towards product development through focused differentiation: we are focused on the segment of comfortable shoes with comfortable last, in which we are specialists, and we expect to increase sales of our product to the existing audience. Hence our second strategy is to improve the quality of service, not the number of one-time sales. Our main goal is not to sell, but to help the client make a choice, to allow a woman who is looking for not only beautiful, but also comfortable shoes to find exactly what suits her. Our service is based on Western management methods: we hire people who care about good service, and we do everything to keep our salespeople happy. "

grapes.JPGGC "Askania" - a strategy to increase the market share in Siberia.

Elena Vinogradova, commercial director of the Ascania Group of Companies:

“Our company's strategy is aimed at increasing the market share in Siberia. Krasnoyarsk and Tomsk have been identified as priority cities, where we have been working for several years and are now expanding our presence: new facilities will be launched next year. We give priority in choosing places to large shopping centers. We are also planning to enter new markets - Tyumen and Novokuznetsk.

Along with the network development plans, we are working on optimizing internal processes: for example, we have revised the assortment planning methodology in order to improve the quality of the purchased collections, which, I am sure, will give tangible results already in the spring-summer 2014 season. We are constantly developing a customer loyalty program, have expanded warehouse space, which made it possible to speed up the process of processing and delivering goods to stores, in the near future - the launch of a single size base in stores, which will allow the buyer to find the right size quickly and conveniently and increase both consumer loyalty and the company's revenue ”.

shirokov.JPG "Alphabet" is a collection improvement strategy.

Andrey Shirokov, General Director of the chain of stores "Alphabet":

“We are going to increase the network by 50% by opening new stores and continue the work already started in new formats: not in 400-meter supermarkets, but in smaller areas. But we will still focus on the quality of the collections. We want to work with the latest models, successful designers and competent technologists; We will introduce multi-stage quality control, we will quickly update the assortment and be the first to receive and present brand collections in Russia. We plan to form the assortment taking into account the specifics of each store: no one is interested in two stores with an identical assortment in one city. Other important areas of the chain's development are increasing its own production of models from 15% to 45% of the total volume of seasonal purchases and expanding the geography of purchases to Turkey, Brazil and European countries. We have an active rotation of suppliers, the priority is the best price-quality ratio, adherence to the terms of the earliest deliveries. We are trying to enlarge orders to obtain maximum discounts. It is planned to continue working on online commerce and other online projects. "

Prokhorov.JPGEcco is a strategy to increase market share.

Sergey Prokhorov, Director of IT at Ecco:

“The plans of the company for the next few years are to continue the active expansion of the Ecco brand chain of footwear and accessories stores in the regions of Russia and the CIS countries. We are planning to open new concept stores, as well as flagship stores, such as the Ecco store in Moscow on Kutuzovsky Prospect, in every federal center of Russia. We see it as our main goal to create a special atmosphere of coziness and comfort for the whole family. Our plans are to create elegant and stylish collections of footwear and accessories, imbued with the philosophy of the Scandinavian brand and meeting the requirements of the most discerning customers. As for the strategy for 2014, we plan to open about 45 new stores. Of these, there are 5 stores in Moscow, the rest are in the cities of Kursk, Naberezhnye Chelny, Perm, Pskov, Tambov, Tomsk, Khanty-Mansiysk and others. "

Jacob Cods.JPG

SOHO is a strategy for strengthening brand positions.

Jacob Treskov, head of TMHF GROUP:

“The development strategy of the SOHO multi-brand network is based on the basic principle: we offer an interesting product that has no analogues in Russia, with a correct presentation and high-quality service. In fact, we are building a sales system from scratch, since no one on the market has developed a network of premium-level footwear and accessories stores before. TMHF Group, as the author of the SOHO retail brand, sets quantitative and qualitative objectives for the project: in 2015, the opening of the 100th SOHO salon is planned. The reputation and promotion of the network is a priority, but they are more difficult to express in terms of ratings or indicators. We create a seasonal calendar of brands weeks with unique showcases, motivation of sales consultants, cross-marketing with relevant mono-brand clothing chains, with media support. Therefore, in the near future, the maximum efforts of the company will be focused on building relationships with partners and end customers. "

wild boar.JPG

Fashion Galaxy is an audience expansion strategy.

Elena Kabanova, Fashion Galaxy Network Consultant:

“At the moment, the Fashion Galaxy chain has 12 stores in the largest shopping centers in Moscow and St. Petersburg. Keeping the format of a multi-brand store of premium brands, we plan to work not on the number of salons, but on their quality. The chain has a fairly young audience: 40% of customers are women between 25 and 35 years old, while the main audience of our main competitors is over 40 years old. We want to attract this category of older customers and draw attention to men, as this audience is now growing faster than women.

We will also work with the assortment in terms of its differentiation, highlighting bestsellers and increasing their purchases. We also want to add our own trademark - this should provide a basis for commercial sustainability. To increase the complexity of the purchase, increase the average check and conversion, it is necessary to add branded accessories to the assortment. "

It is always interesting what top managers of leading retail companies think and strive for. Representatives of 12 largest ... raised the veil of secrecy over their development plans specifically for Shoes Report ...
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