Buyers look at the choice of shoes
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Buyers look at the choice of shoes

At the August exhibition Euro Shoes Premiere Collection, shoe brands presented their collections of the spring-summer 2017 season. The stands were dominated by a variety of colors - silver, sparkles, mother-of-pearl. Bright colors could be seen even on classic shoe models. Large selection of casual shoes: slip-ons, sneakers, linen espadrilles ... 

However, trends are one thing, the buyer's choice is another. It is the business and honor of an experienced buyer to guess this choice. That is why Shoes Report decided to find out what kind of footwear the Russian consumer will choose for himself in the next spring-summer season, directly from those who make purchases for retail.

In fashion - blue!

In fashion - blue!

“First of all, the buyer is looking at the price. I do not know how in other regions, in Moscow, in St. Petersburg, but I myself from Syktyvkar is the north. At our place, people first of all look at the price tag, and then, so that it is comfortable and convenient. Even those who always bought leather are switching to artificial materials, especially since modern artificial materials look very dignified. 

These Marco Tozzi shoes are lightweight, comfortable, fashionable, comfortable, beautiful blue with shine. Blue is in vogue now, black, beige, powder also go well. We sell colored shoes less, rather neutral colors. Our customers do not wear high heels, they prefer medium heels, now there are a lot of beautiful shoes with low heels, they buy it, especially from all sides they say that you need to take care of yourself. Girls all run in ballet shoes! In all new collections, you can see a lot of patent leather, however, sales of these shoes are different by region. Our northerners don't really like varnish, they prefer something quieter, ”- Tatiana Obukhova (Syktyvkar).

Out of trend

Out of trend

“I admit honestly that we now look at trends a little, because practice shows that the buyer chooses mainly some universal pair. A woman now needs one universal pair, unlike four pairs, in previous years. Accordingly, unusual colors - do not go. Now they choose black for the winter, and if the summer is something white, light. We see that there is a trend for silver colors and shades, but experience shows that people don’t buy such shoes, ”- Irina Kuzubova (Moscow).

Fashion, color and positive

Fashion, color and positive

“Shoes should look like 50 thousand, and retail at 5 thousand! Our main customer is young people or fashionable women, but even older ladies come and want their shoes to be stylish. Now nobody wants modest grandmother's slippers. We ourselves are sometimes amazed, but now such a buyer! Therefore, the shoes are only colored. Although at work, as a rule, everyone has a dress code, they still take something colorful and positive. Apparently, these are the times, the crisis, there is only one negative on TV, so people do not have enough color, because color also has a therapeutic effect. The era of the Soviet Union, when only white, black and beige shoes were worn, is over! Now they choose a variety of colors. As for the materials, it is not so important that it is leather, but the shoes should be soft and comfortable, and so that they do not have complicated fasteners - take them off and go ", - Zulfiya Podkulina (Khabarovsk, shops" Nemetskaya obuv "," Germanika ", "Euroobuv").

Shoes for trial

Shoes for trial

“We have a shoe store from the comfort series, so what I personally like, something fashionable, I do not consider for the store. First of all, you are guided, of course, by the tastes of customers, and in our case, the main thing is that the shoes are soft and comfortable. Our consumers are mainly elderly people, and they are more likely to take something in dark colors, and for the summer, perhaps, beige or white. When choosing shoes for retail, you proceed from two parameters: firstly, you focus on the tastes of the client, and secondly, you look at the place where the store is located, in which shopping center, who are the main visitors. We have models from both Rieker and other brands in our assortment, but now we are choosing something from Clarks, because we would like to take something from their collection to try, and a little bit. It is also impossible to order the same thing all the time, people want something new. Therefore, you need to try something, even if it will be more expensive, you need to see how it goes, "- Ekaterina Yelovets. Moscow, Antistress store.

At the August exhibition Euro Shoes Premiere Collection, shoe brands presented their collections for the spring-summer 2017 season. The stands were dominated by a variety of colors - silver, sparkles, ...
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