10 main colors of the season 2020
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10 main colors of the season 2020

The fashionable colors of the upcoming seasons are one of the most used components of forecasting commercial trends in fashion. A review of 10 macro colors, the most attractive and demanded by the fashion industry in the 2020 year, is presented by SR expert Galina Kravchenko, director of the Assortment department of Fashion Consulting Group, head of trend analytics at FCG / FashionSnoops.

Galina Kravchenko Galina Kravchenko - Director of the assortment department and head of the FCG representative office of the international trend bureau FashionSnoops.com. Former marketing director and board member of Zenden. He specializes in the development of commercial collections of clothes and shoes, assortment management in retail chains and wholesale companies. Introduces international experience in fashion product development into the practice of Russian companies. Author and host of a series of training workshops and a course of lectures on assortment management and fashion trends for the HSE. At Fashion Consulting Group, she has implemented successful consulting and training projects for companies in the clothing and footwear segments, including Unichel, Rossita (TM Lisette), Sursil Orto, butik.ru, Cavaletto, Vitacci, Nikamed, Econika, Cablook.ru, 2fellini.ru, Gretta (Eleganzza retail chain), Leo Ventoni, Lamoda, Otto Group, Muschel (showroom), Wild Orchid, Oodji (Almeo Group, Kazakhstan) , Sport Master, Sela, Holding Center, Vito Ponti, TM Fest, TM Golub, Luisa Cerano, Molito Group (network retailer of brands Molito, Baltman, Mosaik), Westland, and others.

Macro color Euphoria

The deep dark khaki-color Euphoria ("euphoria") becomes a new macro-color due to the fact that it has two associations. On the one hand, it is a natural color, the color of leaves and grass. On the other, the color of a military uniform, which is increasingly invading everyday life, if not through real military events, then through media reports. This duality reflects the peculiar “war” of the inhabitants of the metropolis with a tense, intense everyday life and, at the same time, the pursuit of happiness. Mankind has a completely new awareness and approach to everything that happens. Now the balance of work and life is restored in favor of life. A person seeks to acquire free time for himself, to restore both physical and psychological health.

This social trend is transforming many areas of human life. Self-love gives birth to dreams of a new harmonious future, thanks to which there are new non-standard and non-traditional ideas for relaxation, personal development and abilities. For example, in the Swiss Alps there is perhaps the most unusual hotel Null Stern, where there is only one room. In the room, if you can call it that, there is nothing more than a bed and a pair of nightstands - no walls, no ceiling. It offers stunning views of the mountain landscape, and at night - the starry sky.

Macrocolor Humanoid

The coral color Humanoid ("humanoid") resembles the color of raw ocher, which reflects one of the hottest topics of our time - the appearance in our lives of robots and artificial intelligence. Robotization is becoming one of the most important changes of the 21st century - it affects the economy, politics, and also the people themselves. Machines and robots appear in more and more areas of our lives. We become literally dependent on technology, without them we can no longer imagine our life. People are becoming more and more like robots, modifying themselves and what surrounds them - smart homes, cars, artificial intelligence as a whole improve and make our life easier.

Automation captures an increasing number of companies. Undoubtedly, the leaders in this are the countries of Asia: the Japanese company Uniqlo reconstructed the existing old warehouse using an automated system created in partnership with Daifuku, a supplier of material processing systems. Now that the system has been put into operation, the company has shown that it was possible to reduce personnel in the warehouse by 90%. The warehouse can now work 24 hours a day.

Macro color Awe

Today, it takes a lot of effort to grab our attention, and even more to keep it. Awe's luminescent yellow macroflower (“awe”) is a vivid visual provocation that makes the viewer confront his emotions. This color is very insidious, if there is too much of it - it can cause negative emotions, anxiety, anxiety. Used properly, color evokes interest and curiosity. The radical nature of this color causes multisensory experiences, filling both physical and mental energy. Color symbolizes the desire for instant return, calling for the creation of items of clothing and household goods that will cause a sharp resonance in society. Awe is the color about hype and resonance that are now everywhere. Appliances appear that can improve things thanks to virtual or augmented reality, turning the ordinary into the unusual. Well-known fashion brand Tommy Hilfiger has released a collection of unique clothing in which each element is equipped with a computer chip. Now, smart jeans will contact their owner’s smartphone and track how often and for how long a person wears clothes with the company’s brand.

Macro color Ozone

Macro color Ozone ("clean air") - pure bright blue, heavenly color. It shows the importance of ecologically clean natural environment, conservation of natural resources, as well as adaptation to the natural habitat and weather conditions. Mankind is actively striving for the development of new technologies that help meet the changing weather and climatic conditions. Today, through the use of cellular and biomolecular processes and biomimicry, technologies and products are being developed that help to qualitatively improve the life of a modern person and the future of the planet.

For example, the Boston startup Ministry of Supply has created a self-heating smart jacket that selects the optimal temperature depending on the weather on the street and creates the optimal “microclimate” for its owner. Based on the simple human need to dress for the weather, when it is often unpredictable, the designers provided the jacket with three electric carbon fiber heating pads. The jacket has internal and external thermometers, as well as an accelerometer, which measures the intensity of movement and decides how much heat you need at the moment.

Macro color Ground

In view of the tense global situation, dialogues between different cultures are emerging more and more actively, in which a common saving compromise is being sought. Ground color - dark brown with a pleasant unobtrusive, muted reddish tint - understandable and close to every person as a symbol of fertility. In such a deep earthy color there is a mixture of a variety of colors and meanings. It can be interpreted as nostalgia for the past, the connection of antiquity and modernity, as the color of constant stability, the constant presence of "soil under your feet."

Society looks at the past through the prism of modernity. “Nostalgia” is where innovative and analogue models come together. So, for example, the design collection of Marc Jacobs SS 93 for the American label Perry Ellis, which led to his dismissal, was recreated for Resort 2019. The collection was made in original materials, including accessories, and tight cardigans paired with printed chiffon dresses and Dr. boots entered the images. Martens.

Macro color Honest

Honest macro color (“sincere”) is the color of minimalistic gray used in modern laconic interior design. This neutral hue creates a sense of calm in large spaces. Today, approaches to the design of premises are integrated into the creation of clothing models: the use of modular items of design and wardrobe, multifunctionality and usefulness of clothing.

This was reflected in the emergence of a new approach to clothing design - a universal design appeared, a democratic approach, when things fulfill a certain function, and are not exclusively decorative. New universal design promotes personalization.

Personalization has played an important role for online stores, the success of e-commerce and the entire retail industry as a whole. It has allowed retailers to create digital channels that are perceived as close and consumer-oriented as traditional stores.

Nike launched the first state-of-the-art concept store in Los Angeles. The new store is located in the Melrose area and occupies 418 square. meters. Its main feature is the combination of the benefits of online shopping with communication and live shopping. Here you can not only purchase Nike products, but also consult with specialists, as well as test the selected product. For this, the space is equipped with a sneaker bar and exercise machines. In addition, any model can be further personalized.

Macrocolor Oxidize

Oxidize (“oxidize") in color resembles oxidized copper, a "living" metal, which has changed its color over the centuries, but, despite this, keeps its history. This color is a symbol of the transformations taking place in modern society. Remaining true to eternal values, people are increasingly striving for unity, acceptance, respect and equality of all the differences and characteristics of each other. Today, the awareness of this difference makes changes and adjustments to social norms: the standards of beauty, attitude to equality of races and choice of gender, have changed, regardless of how the person was born. And these changes find their vivid expression in fashion.

Brands such as Tommy Hilfiger and ASOS sell clothing specifically tailored for people with disabilities, which any of us can wear. At the fashion show of designer Xander Zhou’s men's collection during London Fashion Week for the SS19 season, men “in position” appeared with false stomachs, sometimes even on display. In photographs for the MOSCHINOxH & M promotional collection, one of the notable models was the Aquaria drag queen.

Macro color Eruption

Eruption (“eruption”) - the color of global protest against the tense situation around the world, the struggle for justice and equality. Art, including fashion, has become a way of expressing one’s position on global issues, as well as creative propaganda that helps draw public attention to existing problems in the world and in a single country. People refuse to be silent, starting to speak the language of creativity in order to influence the situation and change it for the better.

Demonstrations, protest marches, clashes with the police, rallies are direct forms of expression of disagreement. They resonate in contemporary art and are reflected in Banksy's work by sculptures on the streets of New York, and in the work of Depeche Mode in their new songs. The fashion industry, the first of all industries, turns a social trend into a product. So, the topic of protests was actively reflected on the catwalks in the 2018 year. Supreme, in their T-shirts, recalled President Trump's alleged sexual crimes.

Macro color Immune

Immune ("immunity") resembles a shade of overripe red grapes. This color symbolizes the care of humanity about their own health and the health of the entire planet Earth. Ecology began to bear not only the meaning of caring for the state of the environment, but also about the environmental friendliness of each person’s lifestyle: maintaining health, proper nutrition, sports load and the absence of “toxic” thoughts.

The focus on the WELNESS lifestyle is also reflected in the fashion industry, primarily through sustainable fashion (environmentally responsible fashion). When, when developing a collection, a company and / or designer from the very beginning thinks about all stages of the life cycle of a thing - from components to disposal after use in order not to harm the ecosystem of the planet.

For example, branded blue boxes and Tiffany bags have become a sustainable product and are made from materials extracted from environmentally and socially responsible forestry, or are a recycled product. Russian PR agency Louder began to process advertising materials into fashion accessories. As part of the Upcycle Project, the Adidas Creators Base advertising banners are recycled in an environmentally friendly way, turning into fashionable shopping bags. The Swedish brand Nudie Jeans produces jeans from recycled materials, creates transparent manufacturing conditions, repairs clothes for free, and resells used items.

Macro color Selfish

Selfish (“selfish”) is far from the “pink color of Barbie”, it is a color with a deep meaning. In the pink PINTER's traditional PINK color, a cold cynical shade of synthetic fuchsia has been added. This new color shows a new selfish consciousness and an endless race for recognition on social networks. Dependence on “likes” and the number of subscribers becomes a form of social currency. Teenagers spend in social networks up to 9 hours a day, of which only 30% of the time they devote to communication. But there are pluses - a constant connection to the Internet leads to greater awareness, and, therefore, increases people's awareness of global problems.

Social networks give rise to new forms of relationships, new realities, where very often there is a substitution of concepts. Brands build pseudo-friendly relations with the buyer through bloggers and influencers, through instant messengers and chats, where it is easy to have informal communication, but this is not friendship. We live in a world of fake news, where it is very difficult to distinguish reality from fiction.

So, taking advantage of young people's obsession with social networks and Instagram influencers, the Payless brand, known for its inexpensive shoes, opened a “fake” store called Palessi in a Los Angeles mall and invited influential people to the grand opening. The store was filled with disguised Payless shoes at a price of $ 400-500 for a pair, which on a regular chain sells for $ 19,99. At two evenings there were about 80 influential people. Payless said a social experiment was to remind shoppers that inexpensive Payless shoes are also trendy.

The fashionable colors of the upcoming seasons are one of the most used components of forecasting commercial trends in fashion. Overview of 10 macro colors, the most attractive and sought after in 2020 year ...
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