From the diplomat to the string bag. Key models of the assortment of men's bags for the spring-summer season 2019
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From the diplomat to the string bag. Key models of the assortment of men's bags for the spring-summer season 2019

Bags are an integral part of not only women's but also men's wardrobe. The main types of men's bags that are worth paying attention to have been selected as the key models of the SS19 season assortment. Galina Kravchenko, director of the "Assortment" department of Fashion Consulting Group, head of the FCG representative office of the international trend bureau Fashionsnoops.com, talks about the models, decor and materials of the season. 

Galina Kravchenko Galina Kravchenko - Director of the Assortment Department of Fashion Consulting Group, representative of the international online trend bureau FashionSnoops.com.
Instagram: @ galina_kravchenko79.

Man purse

Three prints Three prints
Textiles / Leather Textiles / Leather
Metallic Metallic
Double pockets Double pockets

Everybody knows in Russia a man’s purse, a small hand-held men's bag for documents and money, was a mandatory attribute of a held man in the 90 of the last century. The fashion for these bags returned in the 21 century. So, for example, in the spring-summer season 2019, this previously ambiguously accepted model turned into a trend icon, thanks to bright prints, material combinations (leather + textiles), as well as unusual designs in the form of a pouch with double pockets.


Small inscriptions (logo) on ribbons Small inscriptions (logo) on ribbons
Patented Anima-Leaf Leather Patented Anima-Leaf Leather
Granular leather, gold hardware Granular leather, gold hardware
Diplomat Diplomat

You will not surprise anyone with a laptop bag today; this is an indispensable element of the wardrobe. But in the SS19 season, these models mimic portfolios and diplomats. Moreover, even with a strict dress code in clothes, you can delicately experiment. A variety of materials and decor bring: small inscriptions on the ribbons, animalistic patent leather, grained leather in combination with bright gold fittings.


Mini leather Mini leather
Box Box
Velcro sports textile Velcro sports textile

Convenient, stylish and functional! Handbags that can be worn as an extra pocket will be popular in the spring and summer season. In the trend - models made of leather, textile, as well as knitted, which will be especially relevant in winter. Pocket bags are designed for credit cards, keys or simply can be used as an accessory for those who experiment with styling.


Overseas + 3 pockets Overseas + 3 pockets
Сетка Сетка

Print logo contrast drawstring Print logo contrast drawstring

Leather marching Leather marching

No backpack anywhere. Models of the SS19 season are inspired by the theme of hiking, camps, tents and night gatherings around the campfire. Pay attention to the functional oversized model with three voluminous pockets, to the mesh backpack with straps with inscriptions, to the model entirely from leather, but with sports elements - drawstrings, straps, rings and inscriptions.


The effect of old shabby leather The effect of old shabby leather
Imitation bottle bag / hiking Imitation bottle bag / hiking
Contrast white seam Contrast white seam

The belt bag has been updated with materials, shapes and sizes. For example, models from old shabby leather, from nylon in the form of compartments for water bottles, small-sized models with contrasting seams, bag models with a belt clip in the form of a knot will be relevant. One of the hits is a double extra oversized model to the knees with fastening on the belt and around the thigh.


Side lacing Side lacing
Floral print / metallic insert Floral print / metallic insert
3D logo with a hashtag on top of the bag + like a pen 3D logo with a hashtag on top of the bag + like a pen

Shopper and Tout - must haves! Classic everyday models are made of leather, textile, metallized material. Unusual decor can actually change the shape of our usual tote - multi-lacing on hooks in the side of the bag makes it possible to look inside. Another new trend is the contrasting belt tightening the bag in the middle. And the floral print in the men's wardrobe no longer surprises us, and, by the way, you can safely share this model with your girlfriend.

Bags are an integral part of not only women's, but also men's wardrobe. As the key models of the SS19 season assortment, the main types of men's bags were selected, which are worth looking at ...
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