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Fortune for Treads

Vladimir Ivanovich Dahl described them as "elegant boots that are now out of custom, with standing bootlegs above the knees, with a bell and a poplite notch" and was wrong. The jackboots, accustomed to victories, returned to the catwalks of famous brands with high bells in the 80s, and now they have become the trend of the Autumn-Winter 2009/2010 season. Evgenia Bubnova has collected the most important facts about jackboots that your sellers can tell customers.

“This season we have included over-the-knee boots and high-cut boots in the collection of several branded brands in order to meet the needs of our customers as much as possible,” says Irina Chechel, marketing director of the EKONIKA shoe cassette chain. - We really note the growing interest in such models, and boots made in trendy colors (this fall and winter, in particular, in purple shades) are especially popular. Models of increased comfort are in great demand - flat-soled boots with a soft leather bootleg. "

Historically, over the knee boots were exclusively male footwear designed for riders. High shafts protected legs and trousers from road dust, dirt and rain. Upon arrival at the destination, the horseman could easily turn away the bells and flaunt the ladies unusually clean after long driving panties.

The fate of the Treads was first changed by fashionable French. During the time of Henry IV, these shoes ceased to be considered soldier's and became an obligatory attribute of a nobleman. And right up to the end of the seventeenth century, jackboots flaunted at court.

In the Russian army, over the knee boots reigned in the XVII-XVIII centuries and were an element of clothing cuirassiers, dragoons, and sometimes infantrymen. Fashion of that time did not pass by Peter the Great. In the Armory of the Moscow Kremlin, among the items of clothing, a pair of rough leather boots, belonging to Peter, is kept. It is believed that the king, who owned many crafts in perfection, sewed them with his own hand.

Treads could have appeared in a noble environment for the following reason: the nails with which the soles of ordinary boots were nailed, scratched the parquet floors of new houses of the nobility and palaces built in a European way. By the Tsar's decree of Peter I, boots were replaced with boots, in the production of which nails were not used. History knows the days when Empress Elizaveta Petrovna, in a captain's uniform, in jackboots, with a saber on her side and a white feather in her cap, sat among her "comrades".

For some time, the boots were consigned to oblivion and were used exclusively for their intended purpose - in war, hunting and for horseback riding.

However, in 1905, after the release of the first film, The Three Musketeers, many men began to wear high leather boots with cuffs.

For a long time, over the knee boots remained exclusively male prerogative. But in the 60 of the XX century, the era of emancipated women, long-haired blondes, miniskirts and high boots reigned. In 1968, French designer Pierre Cardin put on his models in black and gold low-heeled boots. In those days, even the little unearthly Twiggy grew over the boots.

In the 80s, high-toed boots did not go unnoticed by motley youth. They became super popular, but acquired a shade of indecency: in 1990, Julia Roberts in "Pretty Woman" walked in black vinyl boots along the night streets and thereby finally secured a bad name for such shoes. For several years, in the mass consciousness, over the knee boots remained an obligatory attribute of women with reduced social responsibility (the authorship of the term belongs to Andrei the Wise).

At the end of the 80s, over the knee boots were again at the peak of popularity. And it happened thanks to the return of the trends of the 60s and XNUMXs to fashion. But so far, designers do not recommend experimenting with frank and defiant colors - expensive materials, calm and dark shades are in fashion.

Friedrich Naumann, General Director of Wortman-Vostok, having recently made several business trips across Russia, noted that over the knee boots are bought very well, especially by young people. This model is very popular as it suits fashion trends. He assured that in the next season the boots will definitely be presented in the Tamaris collection.

Thus, we can conclude that the boots will not leave the fashionable Olympus for a long time. The average lifespan of a popular trend is 3-4 seasons. So, next year, floodlights on catwalks and in shop windows will shine on over the knee boots.

Vladimir Ivanovich Dal described them as “elegant boots that are now out of custom, with standing bootlegs above the knees, with a bell and a poplite notch,” and he was wrong. Accustomed to ...
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