6 trends of men's shoes for fall'17. Pitti Uomo and Milan Fashion Week News
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6 trends of men's shoes for fall'17. Pitti Uomo and Milan Fashion Week News

The first month of the year is the most active period of acquaintance with the trends of the coming autumn. From January 10 to January 13, Florence hosted the Pitti Uomo exhibition of men's fashion, and from Milan 14 to January 17 the Milan Fashion Week for men. These events provide a good opportunity to understand and outline the main trends of the autumn-winter 2017 / 18 season.

1. Fur and Sheepleather

Santoni, Autumn'17 Santoni, Autumn'17

Last year, furry shoes were in fashion, and this year, designers actively use fur and sheepleather, so the luxury Parisian Soloviere shoe brand decorated the new slip-on model with fox fur. A mink fur trim is present on classic men's crocodile boots by the Italian brand Santoni. And designer Alvaro Gonzalez introduced a new model of men's boots with a trimmed sheared sheep.

2. Climbing boots de luxe

Diemme Fall'17 Diemme Fall'17

For the first time, luxury climbing boots were spotted at last London Fashion Week in brand shows. Christopher Shannon and Christopher Raeburn. And this trend has not gone anywhere, as you can see at the last Pitti Uomo exhibition. In particular, suede climbing boots of a bright purple color appeared in the collection of the Diemme brand. Moreover, the patina gave this shoe an even more avant-garde look.

3. Sneakers again

Armando Cabral Fall'17 Armando Cabral Fall'17

Sports shoes remain at the height of fashion. Designers only come up with new technological solutions and stylistic elements to make shoes look as modern and very fashionable as possible.

4. Embossed sole

Baldinini Fall'17 Baldinini Fall'17

Relief soles continue to be relevant. The Italian brand Artselab, known for its "architectural" sneakers, released a model with ultra-durable embossed soles, and the Italian brand Baldinini introduced loafers with a thick embossed sole, similar to a tractor caterpillar.

5. Brutal style

Rough soles in men's shoes are a trend that can be clearly seen in the shows in Milan, such models can be seen at the shows of the brands Salvatore Ferragamo, Dsquared2 and Jimmy Choo.

Dsquared2 fall'17 Dsquared2 fall'17

The Dsquared2 brand show is called one of the most daring outings of the past Fashion Week. The designers of the brand have given a fashionable look to the trendy sports boots this season, lavishly adorned with crystals. Although the soles of these boots look heavy and rather rough, including due to the angular shape and complementing the brutal style of metal plates, the sparkling upper allows you to appear in them at any social party.

No.21, Autumn'17 No.21, Autumn'17

Model No. 21 shoes are distinguished by a rough sole and an abundance of metal rivets. Also, loops for laces are made of metal, shoes add brutality to thick leather straps. They adorn the front of the boot, and the exact same strap is present as a high tongue on the heel.

6. Fancy loafers

Loafers and Sneakers Del Toro, Autumn'17 Loafers and Sneakers Del Toro, Autumn'17

Soft loafers can no longer be called slippers for dad. They are increasingly decorated with funny and sometimes exquisite details. Louis Leeman has tapestries and embroidery, while Del Toro loafers are decorated with patchwork appliqués.

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The first month of the year is the most active period of acquaintance with the trends of the coming autumn. From 10 to 13 on January, Florence hosted the Pitti Uomo men's fashion exhibition, and from 14 to 17 January, Milan Men's Week ...
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