The main shoe trends of the spring-summer season 2020. Italians dictate punk fashion, futurism and emotions
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The main shoe trends of the spring-summer season 2020. Italians dictate punk fashion, futurism and emotions

Designers presented the main fashion trends in shoes and accessories for the spring-summer season 2020 at the 88 session of the international professional exhibition MICAM, which was held in Milan from 15 to 18 on September 2019. These trends are based on three different topics:

  • Designing Emotion - the development of emotions that interprets the interaction between technology, skill and man;
  • Code Create - a futuristic look that brings together the physical and digital worlds;
  • Empower Up is a young trend that draws inspiration from punk culture and contemporary African culture.

For the production of shoes, only the highest quality materials are used, the colors are presented in the widest range from pastel colors to bright, luminous, neon shades.

Designing Emotion is a combination of technology and craftsmanship, with an emphasis on the person himself.

Designing Emotion: women's collections, collections for girls

Direction Designing emotion shows how the technology and skill of professionals are closely related to each other today, allowing you to create collections that level product imperfections and only enhance the positive emotions of the purchase.

The color scheme is represented by a wide palette of pastel shades with the addition of modern colors that blend perfectly with the gentle tones of a brownish color scheme. Traditional techniques for processing high-quality leather and other materials are used together with the most advanced technologies and modern equipment. Designer shoes continue to play a key role in the shoe segment.

Designing Emotion: men's collections, collections for boys

This direction is the result of the interaction between man and technology, and all this happens on the basis of general trends, when more and more technological processes are being introduced into the human mind, and technical, digital devices are becoming increasingly popular.

The trend arose in bright colors that reproduce the retro style and present already familiar materials. Earthy tones contrast with vibrant modern hues. Shoe designers prefer organic forms, the surface and colors of which give the shoe a simple and uncomplicated look.

Code Create is a trend with a futuristic view of the world, in which the elements of the physical and digital are closely intertwined, it combines the elements of the mundane and the sublime.

Code Create - women's collections, collections for girls

This fashionable theme is a combination of science, technology and nature, using futuristic materials, the purpose of the designers' work is to update the dress code of the population and create a new concept of accessories. For a better perception of the image, emphasis is placed on natural materials, in combination with synthetic, recycled materials. The color scheme of shoes demonstrates the awakening of emotions. Bright colors stand out among more natural, calm shades.

Code Create - men's collections, collections for boys

Nature and technology combine to create new designs, materials and products that bring the material world and sublime matters closer to each other. Code Create combines the perfect shapes and biodesign of running shoes and everyday wear patterns, giving them a slightly mystical and futuristic look. The nature and technology had a huge impact on this trend, which is reflected in the duality of the palette of flowers. Classic, natural shades are in contrast with artificial, it is almost a digital style.

Empower Up is one of the youngest trends that originates in African and punk cultures.

Empower Up - women's collections, collections for girls

The spirit of life and the wind of change soar in the air, it is felt more and more, this is solely due to the presence of new generations and groups that previously had no right to exist. Empower Up is a young, optimistic trend, inspired by the influence of the younger generation Z. The shoe line combines lightness, eco-materials and presents them in an exclusive summer capsule collection. This trend pays special attention to jewelry in combination with vintage elements.

The color scheme is presented in bold colors that are borderline before they fade or burn out. Such shades include a wide palette of intermediate colors, as well as shades of blue.

Empower Up - men's collections, collections for boys

The trend reflects a practical approach to things, punk style currently has the greatest impact on the fabric and gives the clothes a beach look. As for footwear, the fashion for high-quality materials and details originates in modern African cultures. The trend is presented in bright vibrant colors, with some colors looking slightly worn, worn, which shows the influence of vintage style 1980 of the twentieth century.

Designers presented the main fashion trends in shoes and accessories for the spring-summer season 2020 at the 88 session of the international professional exhibition MICAM, which was held in Milan from 15 to 18 ...
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